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    Volunteering 2020

    Thanks for that, these are the guys who do the paid work. I am waiting on the wateraid decisions. Did you end up applying for WaterAid Alex?
  2. stutheblue

    Volunteering 2020

    Someone has just posted a thread about being accepted for PooCrew, is this different to WaterAid?
  3. Well done and good luck for your GF, me and my daughter got nowhere. You'll enjoy the first experience of volunteering!
  4. stutheblue

    Volunteering 2020

    Water aid and festaff
  5. stutheblue

    Volunteering 2020

    It has always been 3 8 hour shifts spread over three days of the festival
  6. stutheblue

    Volunteering 2020

    Come on, we'll all do this - good luck
  7. stutheblue

    Volunteering 2020

    Thanks for this, just DM'd you.
  8. stutheblue

    Volunteering 2020

    No, they don't forget them. I was trying to get accepted as priority under the 10 from 10 rule. They had all mine done from 2012. I was hoping they would take into to consideration a couple of extra shifts I'd done at Tramlines due to no-shows but unfortunately not so I'll be on tenterhooks till next week.
  9. 54 Beans, Paul Heaton and Jackie Abbott, Tom Robinson, Mik Artistik,Paul McCartney,The Kinks. The Killers and Coldplay - the only two current bands I've not seen that I would love to. Coldplay seem to play every Glastonbury I've not been to.
  10. stutheblue


    Managed to get Frank Carter a couple of years ago. Not a sniff with Lizzo the other week. Plenty of alerts but never quick enough. Interesting to hear that the alerts are slightly delayed to the main website. Whilst I'm here, looking for one for the Academy next week for Idles.
  11. Just had an email to say the Glastonbury book is back in stock at £12.99 at The Book People. Just ordered one
  12. Had a chat and a selfie with Billy AT Bearded Theory as few years ago and he was fine. Then I walked away and couldn't see the picture and asked him for another, he wasn't too happy then!!
  13. You pay the full fee as a deposit to volunteer. However if you cancel before the deadline you get all the money less the deadline.
  14. 2009 - i was back in bed before 9
  15. They are normally on the left as you enter the field about 4 vendors in. I really can't wait now, thinking about the food there gets me as excited as the bands.
  16. Ghandi's Flip Flop and the Indian are two separate vendors. The indian sells veg and non-veg. Ghandi's just vegetarian. Both great! The Indian is called just that Indian Food. Half a dozen sikh guys I think, very clean and tidy.
  17. I'm looking to get there about noon. Gentle drive down from Manchester, picking up my mate from the airport who is flying in from Belfast, brekkie on the way. Also have a new tent, one of those inflatable ones. Had a trial run on the field last week. Cannot wait.
  18. I was hoping for nothing I was particularly interested in on the Thursday as was going to have a good drink then and take it easy for the rest of the festival and actually remember some of the acts. The past 3 or 4 years too many acts have passed me by through over-indulging. However love Beans so that plan might go out of the window.
  19. Took me a couple of days to find the Maltsmith and even longer to find the Frontier Bar!!
  20. My first time at Boomtown and again volunteering for Oxfam for about the 10th time. I had a similar experience to Amfy. After the first day or so I didn't really get it. My favourite areas of Glastonbury are Avalon and Acoustic and Green fields area. I didn't really think there was much for me. However, once I got into it, I found lots of places to go and see and find the music I loved. Especially loved wandering around the Old Town and the attention to detail is unbelievable. Didn't really get all the Ami stuff and not really my bag. I got hundreds of people asking about her though. I was a supervisor in the downtown area Amfy and realise now that it was you requesting stewards for a good few hours. I was a few stewards down through no shows and illness so I can understand the issues you were facing. There was a lot less people out of it than I had expected and overall it was a great experience though not sure I would go again. Being a volunteer didn't leave a great lot of time and I feel totally knackered now and the cost of a ticket is a lot for the bands I tend to go see compared to the cost of Bearded Theory etc and is a long way from Manchester where I am from. Did my most ever steps one day I was working over 42k and 19.8 miles!! My favourite stages were Hanger 161(loved the ethos), Earache factory, Skank inn Old Mine and Old Town. Favourite acts Skatalites, Dubioza Kolectiv, Havana meets Kingston.
  21. Paul Heaton and Jackie Abbott announced Academy 2 15th December as a benefit for Hope Not Hate via GMB Union. £27.50 inc booking fee. Looking forward to this also going to Albert Hall to see him for the first time.
  22. stutheblue


    My daughter (26) has just come back after going for the first timer and she hasn't enjoyed a festival as much for years. She just said it was mad. And she was working as well.
  23. Thanks, in the absence of a shewee I'll try this.
  24. My daughter has a shewee, never seen it, wondered whether the funnel on that would be small enough?
  25. Anbody know where I can get a micro funnel that can be used to decant spirits in to the pouches you can carry round with you. There was a link on here to the pouches from Amazon - they arrived today without the funnel.
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