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  1. Evening, abit of a long one Also my first INmusic, have to say I enjoyed it more than expected, the line up for me wasn’t great and I’m used to going to Glastonbury so was worried about the size of INmusic but i found something to enjoy throughout the whole festival. day 1: I got in quite early, caught the back end of Paul the walrus (with about 30 other people) - dno - kurt vile - skindred(what a show) - the hives (love them) - Johnny marr - foals going off the line up day 1 was the best day for me, sadly couldn’t find time for Fontaines Day 2: frank turner - gato
  2. Looks like it’s had a change of heart
  3. im over from 21st-28th, anyone give a rough figure of money needed for the week?, all accommodation etc is sorted, just need the spending money now, im quite a budget kinda fella, so will be keeping it relatively cheap and nothing to fancy im staying in Zagreb from 21st-24th then Jarun 24-28th but i plan to be traveling back into Zagreb on these days, i have a day planned at Plitvice Lakes National Park the rest will just be exploring around Zagreb including taking in the nightlife (love a quirky/dive/hidden away backstreet bar and anything playing indie/rocknroll type stuff
  4. Fontaines DC have been f**ked over
  5. Has anyone visited Plitvice Lakes National Park? Thinking about going for the day outside of the festival
  6. MON: Kurt Vile & The Violators - Fontains D.C - The Hives - Johnny Marr - Foals TUE: Frank Turner - Garbage - Lysistrata - suede (might be alot of walking around this day seeing if i find anything interesting) WED: the Ks - LP - The Cure - Peter Bjorn & John (again alot of walking around to see what the TBAs look like ) The Ks look like they could be pretty decent live band- English indie type feel about them, only got three songs knocking about on spotify though
  7. Going off this poster is that how they Line up on the days so Friday main stage, foals (headline) the hives (sub) Johnny Marr (third) other stage: kurt vile (headline) skindred (sub) siddharta(third) etc.... or is that not how it works? Also also there’s a Spotify playlist I’ve just spotted so that will be my listening material till the festival, hopefully discover some acts
  8. il be keen to know this also, would love some dive/quirky locals bars
  9. Loved the hives at Glastonbury a few years ago
  10. i am going over for 8 days, (20/06 - 28/06) staying in Zagreb most the time and around Jarun for the 3 days of festival also will be doing a day trip to Slovenia but still need to look at others things to do while there
  11. Decent, I did plan to walk back to be honest, find some food on route etc but the Uber idea could work better
  12. I stayed at the easy hotel for dmas a few month back, was only £16 It’s a budget hotel but decent for the price, bed & shower not much else but I don’t plan spending much time in the hotel think I’ve paid about £80 for 3 nights for the festival so can’t complain really whats public transport like back to Sheffield after the last band?
  13. The line up for me is pretty poor at the moment I was hoping for a line up with similar bands to 2017 but I will still go and have a good time, foals & frank turner are decent additions A Liam Gallagher / Tame Impala announcement would turn me head though how is close are the stages is it easy to travel between each stage missing only a small amount of the set?
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