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  1. Tomo18

    Your Glastonbury Song 2017

    Blossoms - honey sweet
  2. Tomo18

    Places you never made it to

    still not found that bloody dragon
  3. Tomo18

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    came across this photo when i was looking through, remember him telling me his name after he strolled in on my photo which i instantly forgot as he walked away due to my great memory when drinking so if anyone knows him here is the photo he wanted haha! think he was called Dan always love being up by the glastonbury sign, could spend hours up there if there wasn't so much more to do
  4. Tomo18

    Posters stuck around site

    Hi all I saw a few around site and really liked the foo fighters one! Now I've seen they have some on the website forsale but none of the foos one I was tempted to pull one off the fence it was stuck to but decided I wouldn't, did anyone get one? Or know where I may be able to pick one up from? Im looking to get one framed as a little treat for my gf who loves the foo's and this was her first glasto so would be a nice little memento thanks andy
  5. Tomo18

    What made you smile ?

    As soon as I see the site appear from over the hill on the drive down to the car park I'm usually grinning like a Cheshire Cat, and don't stop till I'm driving down the dark country roads on the Sunday night... My best year so far, the 10th anniversary since my first in 2007 (minus a couple in the middle) so had to make it a good year, even took my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it so that made it even more special for me!! Absolutly love the place
  6. Tomo18

    2017 - The Changes

    Not a change for the festival but more for myself... I think I've found myself a new home in the pylon ground, usually camp over by the other stage in oxlyers but we decided on a change this year, nice and relaxed once I got over the crackle from the pylons and wasn't so bad a walk to the main area, decent neighbours too
  7. Tomo18

    Parking ticket

    hi thanks for the reply the person who was issued with the disabled parking ticket will also be in the van traveling down, i was just wondering if i would need one of the ones i also purchased to go along side the disabled one thanks i should definitely have one normal parking ticket spare, just let me know, im only asking donations for them to the Manchester fund thanks
  8. Tomo18

    Parking ticket

    Hi all, Our group got two parking tickets but we have now decided to travel together in a 9 seater as it's cheaper We also have a disabled parking ticket do you still need a normal parking ticket alongside of the disabled one or is the disabled one classed as the ticket? If not does anyone need a parking ticket? (Money to go to the Manchester fund) Thanks
  9. Tomo18


    sounds like a good place to look for
  10. Tomo18

    Got any gigs coming up?

    anyone know cheapish hotels are by the forum in london. wondering weather to go to a gig there,
  11. Tomo18

    T day

    must be all the 8:30 lot pulling up a seat chrome is also fine for me (for now)
  12. Tomo18

    T day

    does having efests open while trying to get tickets give you a backdoor secret handshake?
  13. Tomo18

    T day

    i have a feeling 2015 wont be my year for getting tickets last few times weve had 5-8 people trying for tickets, this year folk have said they dont fancy it, so just two of us going this time by the looks of things, and only me trying get tickets
  14. Tomo18

    The National

    I was just about to post about this film, it's on again tonight if anyone missed it quite late though godfather2 had just started
  15. Anyone know of any cheap mallet's to get tent pegs in? Cheers