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  1. Friday main stages for y'all
  2. We're safely set up in our little camper home for the next few days and ready to go exploring! Re: searches. The entrance is crawling with private security, and police, and they were conducting searches of most campers (but I think mainly looking for surplus booze - I didn't see any dogs boarding campers). People were also being taken to one side into marquees to have them/their 'hand luggage' searched. Dogs were walking up and down the line sniffing the exterior of cars and campers. The dogs looked to be private security dogs (labs and spaniels mainly), not police dogs - don't think I saw any police *with* dogs. It would take a brave person to chance it IMO, BUT it also super chaotic. We ended up not being searched because we had to wait for security to find a teen wristband for our friend's son who's with us, so we ended up being diverted round security to wait in a layby bit while they ran about for 25 minutes, and the marshals were confused/apologetic and waved us straight through. DOUBLE BOX WINE FOR MEEEE! Whoop!
  3. Hey y'all - also a Boomtown newbie (Glasto vet). We're in the campervan, and I was wondering if searches (for booze allowance, sniffer dogs etc) happen on the camper (ie they'd search your van as it entered the site) or when you physically walk from the campervan site to the festival/pick up your wristband (like at Glasto)? As in, if we had additional booze in the van that we just drank in the van of an evening would that be ok? And would they send sniffer dogs into our van?! (They'd have a field day as it's my FiL's and he's a sheep farmer - so much delicious smell! :-D)
  4. Our first Boomtown (very ancient Glastonbury goers, didn't get tickets this year, Boomtown really took the edge off the pain! In fact we didn't even try in the resale as couldn't really afford that on top of Boomtown - which we'd already bought by then). Anyways, it says the site opens at midday on Thursday. I was just wondering if campervans should get their earlier (like at Glastonbury where you can arrive the night before) or if that's the time for everyone?
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