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  1. Great festival but they don't have to pay as much for artists as others so save a lot of £.
  2. That was the old owners. It's a bit confusing but.. I believe the the founder sold it in 2017, the new owner then applied for a larger license but made a hash of the festival, and now it's back with the founder. I've heard from someone close that it's looking to remain at this years 15k cap and a <£100 ticket price. I really can't see them booking RBlood with that budget / capacity but then they took us all by surprise with Snoop Dogg!
  3. Hadn't heard of this festival so just looked it up. That looks super interesting!
  4. I think I've got them (and it wasn't Cardi B in mine!) with the exception of the bottom left. I thought it was Father John Misty until I realised I wasn't looking at the Greenman poster, then thought maybe it's a Green Man, before I noticed the celery around the ears. It's definietly Zeus, God of the Gods, but I can't think who that means... God is a DJ = Faithless? Zeus = British Sea Power's premier album. That'll be intense! Been a while since Flaming Lips headlined and not too dissimilar! Something to do with lightning? Jake Bugg?! Hellllllllllp
  5. I see Doves are teasing some news coming on Monday.. a new tour or album? They always said they were only on a break. They played a great headline show at Kendal in 2010 (cripes was it that long ago!) - is it just me who could I see them headlining again?
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