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  1. as mentioned above, I really think it will depend on the state of the economy by the time of the next sale. Less people in work means more tickets. I need a ticket (well two), and this would work in my favour, however, really don't want people to lose their jobs just so i can have a party.
  2. rob.a

    BBC Glastonbury

    It's going to suck in 30 days time when all these have gone. Having massive rave to Underworld while making tea! It's awesome!
  3. rob.a

    BBC Glastonbury

    missing blur is my biggest glastonbury regret. I went to see them a week later in Hyde Park (and that was pretty great) so i went to see The Prodigy, that was bit disappointing. blur looked and sounded so much better.
  4. rob.a

    BBC Glastonbury

    that's what I woud have chosen too. That was a pretty incredible moment!
  5. rob.a

    BBC Glastonbury

    Pulp showing it doesn't matter how many album sales you've had, how popular you are, if you're good enough, you're big enough to headline! Epic performance!
  6. rob.a

    BBC Glastonbury

    I had kind of forgotten how brilliant this bloc party set was.
  7. rob.a

    BBC Glastonbury

    This is the first time ever i haven't minded one of these "exclusive" performances. I can forgive it when there's no actual festival coverage to show. Normallly i'm just like, "put the festival on".....
  8. rob.a

    BBC Glastonbury

    ah, that bit was beautiful but sad.
  9. rob.a

    BBC Glastonbury

    That was one my favourite evenings at the festival. Hot Chip absolutely nailed that set. It's on our list to watch tonight.
  10. rob.a

    BBC Glastonbury

    i hate the backstage performances (and always have), they add nothing to the coverage.
  11. I'd tried to see some stuff in the Queens head on the Thursday afternoon of 2008 but it was rammed and not that pleasant, so the first full set was DJ Yoda in the silent disco that evening (which i think was down in the dance village that year). It was the first time i'd seem him do an AV set and it was absolutely amazing. He played a video of Paul McCartney "singing" Wiley wearing my rolex. Macca at the time was about to divorce Heather Mills. Genius.
  12. Five sets from six festivals. Some big hitters missing from that though. No Muse? They've headlined three times (i think), no faithless? They've played bloody loads too.
  13. obviously my memory is a little hazy but.................. 2011: It rained pretty much full on from Wednesday to Friday. Which was grim. The ground was proper muddy, but i don't recall it being a massive pain. It was grey most of saturday (don't think it rained). Sunday was glorious, unless you had the kind of raging, literally cannot drink hangover i had. At least you could sit on the ground on sunday (which i did. A lot.) 2013: Was pretty decent apart from some rain on Thursday evening. That cleared up quickly. 2015: Glorious for two days. Rain on Friday afternoon which cleared up pretty quick, then warm but not too hot for the rest of the weekend.
  14. The big caveat being i needed a successful resale (doubtful tbh), then i would have just finished packing and would be waiting for my brother in law to come down. Tonight we should have been heading to Wembley for England Vs czech republic in the Euros, then we were planning on heading to Worthy Farm early tomorrow. (hangover pending). Instead I'm hosting zoom meetings about export licenses. Fun Fun Fun.
  15. Cheers both. I'll just keep in the garage, then cool it down when and if needed.
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