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  1. Ear plugs are your best friend ! Use ear plugs in camper east quiet, as the background noise does rumble all night ! Its Actually much quieter in the general camper areas for the week with possibly the exception of Tuesday night. I always use ear plugs (and vodka) and sleep like a baby
  2. I found this in the auction catalogue for the Big Farming Charity Auction on 21st December at Sedgemoor... Lot 69 2x TICKETS TO GLASTONBURY EXTRAVAGANZA 2020 Kindly donated by Michael Eavis No mention of actual festival tickets in the catalogue anywhere though Here is the link and you can click the catalogue from there. https://www.gth.net/blog/auction-the-big-farming-charity-auction-21-december-2019
  3. 2005 was my first.....Somehow the monsoon and swimming around a field didn't didn't put me off, and I went back and got soaked again in 2007 ! Been to every festival since, although after the wetness of 05 & 07 every year since has been a camper van Been a hell of a run 2005-2020 and seriously worried ticket luck is going to run out soon.
  4. BeddyDriver

    2020 headliners

    OK, I had a quick scan and cant see how this fits now, unless I missed it... "Emily Eavis has dropped some huge hints about next year’s Pyramid headliners saying two of them “have not headlined before" or do we think this has now been dumped ?
  5. BeddyDriver


    and **poooof** its gone ?
  6. BeddyDriver


    Big white bus up on the railway line by the Glade this morning... Odd place to park up this time of year
  7. we got 30/ 34 from my list , or 88% Personally our household got in 3 times, from 2 different devices, on Thursday, bagging 7 coach tickets from 3 different pickup locations. I didn't get a sniff on Sunday though, and snuck in the back door with someone else bagging my tickets literally as they put up the closed sign.... Way too close for my personal comfort, but glad my Thursday efforts reaped a personal reward in the end..
  8. Whew, skin of the teeth stuff, Our tickets were secured at 9:31 , meaning our roll ever since 2005 continues.. Honestly thought this year was our turn to miss out, still shaking...
  9. BeddyDriver


    we pay £1050 for ours, 6 berth, 3 with double beds. Left hand drive though , Been using the fella for the last 5-6 years now, and always leave him part of my deposit when I take it back to hold it for the following year
  10. Not really overheard, as it was a lady in our party, but she was discussing with Mrs Driver how her and her husband like to "night snorkel" when they are holidaying abroad..... FNARR FNARR...... Funny to us guys in the group.... Guess some of us boys just wont ever grow up (50 going on 15)
  11. this thread makes me worry I lack emotion However at least Kylie did manage to almost get a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat, was looking forward to seeing her in 2005, and have lost a few friends to Cancer in recent years so really resonated...
  12. Ill use the term loosely...but a young lady collecting her stuff at the lockups, around 11am Sunday morning !! "yeh we`re collecting our stuff now and heading home, we need to get back to London and unpack as my husband has work on Tuesday" FFS Tuesday ??? , wanted to slap the pair of them....especially knowing that I was leaving Monday am and in the office that afternoon. Youngsters today huh !?!
  13. We left E21 at 8:15 Took about 20 minutes out to the A37. Decent amount of traffic on the A303 but not horrendous and had the big camper back in Bognor by 11:30am, even stopping to give it a good clean on the way...Then a dash upto Basingstoke in the car and in the office behind my desk by 12:30 In the meantime Mrs Driver had managed to walk to the car park , drive to Plymouth, drop off friends, and have an hour long snooze at home, whilst I travelled......to add insult to injury, I wont even get home with all our gear until Thursday !! lifes so not fair Wont stop me doing it all again next year though !!
  14. About 8pm last night ! Just had another van pull in with us about 10 minutes ago to fill it up , although a lorry did spend the night there. Police had a look at us a couple of times last night but drive straight past
  15. Im parked about a mile from pylle lane...very wet and grey in our lay y. No real sign of movement
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