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  1. It isn't actually that bad, the hills are more undulating than killer...and theres some great descents... down through the woods in particular
  2. Had enough of all the lying hypocritical c**ts this year to last a lifetime. Politics is staying outside the gate for me this year where it bloody well belongs..... Bring on the Music !!
  3. yay, hit the 2 stone off mark this morning...and average mile/min smashed down to 6:20 at the weekend parkrun The weight loss really has made a huge difference to speed... On the downside tripped over a tree root last night on a 7 mile trail run and ankle bloody smarting today...That's made me think twice about any more trail runs between now and Glastonbury !!!
  4. BeddyDriver

    Resale Club 2019

    they also said that in 2015 & 2016 !!
  5. Haha 50% clambering that's about right....We are doing an event called Race the Tide in 2 weeks on the coast , lots of clambering will happen I feel...
  6. pace is irrelevant on trails though ...we went out and got a little lost yesterday and ended up doing 14 miles with 1600 ft of ascent (a lot on the devon coast path). Think we ended up at 9 min 20 miles , but some of the hills were completely un-runnable, and would have been better served with a rope to help you climb !
  7. BeddyDriver


    that just looks like metal roadway probably to get heavy lorries across from the main track to where they need them
  8. ran 11.5 miles around, up and over, Watership Down last night...... Legs Feeling battered today 😕 On the plus side I'm down from 102kg to 92kg (a tad over 16 stone to 14 7 ) in 7 weeks , pretty much 3lbs per week off in real money... My weight crept up after a series of ops reduced my exercise intensity/ frequency, but now back on it, and feeling better than ever at the ripe old age of 50 Determined to have a bash at London 2020, even applied for charity places already !
  9. BeddyDriver


    Crane action at the Ribbon Tower, now we`re talking
  10. That doesn't seem to matter these days. Everyone has plenty of tents next to their vans, and it seems acceptable to the stewards to do so. Some people build entire ruddy tent cities round one van , making it an arse to get between vans at times !
  11. BeddyDriver


    All kicking off now, lots of Arcadia action, Ribbon tower starting too by the looks ??
  12. Nipper Sport v4 is great, but can be tricky as they are very long, and people are inclined to walk into them thinking there is a space in front of you...and they are not the most manoeuvrable because of this in a crowd. That said, stay away from anything with a rotating (as in turning sideways before anyone gets smart ) front wheel....it needs to be fixed like th eNipper Sport ! I've been using one for running, beaches, walks on the moors, etc ever since our little one was 6 months old, and she is now 3 1/2, and we still get a fair amount of use out of it. Might be a tad expensive, but if you can get 4 years use out of it, which we will then great value. My one bit of advise would be hook up flags, lights whatever to it to make it more visible to all :)The other thing we have just invested in is a Hercules trolley (like thesehttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hercules-folding-utility-wagon-beach-garden-outdoor-80kg-capacity-FREE-NEXT-DAY-/123244163459) So far weve managed to go places where out friends have sunk with their trolleys ....but that really is child/ age dependent...
  13. and this is my favorite…. natalie hurst·3 days ago This technology could have a very negative effect on my son’s tiny brain. And everyone else’s! I hope she isn't lumping us all in as having tiny brains , even though it appears she has one.... The comments are comedy gold...
  14. Oh that's ok its for Glasti fest...….Glasti, ?!?!?!?!! wtf is that and who are these people, never heard anyone call it Glasti ever
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