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  1. timbrass

    Brexit at Glasto?

    That's what polling post mid 2017 has consistently said.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion_polling_on_the_United_Kingdom's_membership_of_the_European_Union_(2016–present)
  2. https://www.willowmeadows.co.uk/ is an option if you have £500 spare!
  3. We managed to get 2 Campervan East slots (always been West before) - feels like switching from Tory to Labour (or vice versa)! Any advice on getting adjacent slots - is there somewhere on route to meet up and go in as convoy?
  4. timbrass

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I see Johnson is trying to split the mighty Lord Buckethead vote (although it seems the original Lord Buckethead has transmogrified into Count Binface). Confusing times we live in.
  5. How sure of this are you? I thought that any valid non coach ticket could buy a Campervan ticket.....
  6. The festival became more comfortable... - More campervans - Better loos - Better phone coverage Etc
  7. We are going to give Bimble Badada Near Brighton a go next year.
  8. timbrass

    Back-Up Plans

    Going to try Bimble Bandana next year...
  9. 1 out of 6 syndicates in our consortia got tix.....
  10. Ahhh the good old days of etc/hosts files, watchthatpage and backup server farms exposed to the Internet.....
  11. What's the state of the ground?
  12. Neil - You have admin rights - just change the thread title to "Bloody hell, it's gone totally manic on this Forum" ?
  13. As an alternative to paying £300 - 350 for a Campervan pass (current eBay price) I have discovered that you can use the Rugby Club in Crickhowell (opposite the Park/Ride point). They would charge £15 with hookup (3 free spaces) or £12 without hookup (unlimited space). If there is demand they might open the loo/shower block for an additional fee. The Park/Ride runs every 10 mins at peak times and every 30mins at off peak. Lawrence Watts is the contact - lawrencewatts99 (at) gmail.com. I have his phone number, but won't post it publicly here.
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