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  1. timbrass

    2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    agree - worth a visit!
  2. timbrass

    Shangri-La 2017

    Were you there when the small kid on stage did a thumbs up and got the crowd to do a thumbs up in return. He suddenly realised he had power!
  3. timbrass

    2017 - The Changes

    Pussy Parlure was just a tent with BAR written on the front. Used to be a wooden hexagonal structure
  4. timbrass

    Thursday arrival - how are you coping?

    At work listening to worthyfm online. Coach from Reading first thing tomorrow. Thursday arrival is the best option!
  5. timbrass


    There is a hairdresser onsite (I am booked in for a hairdye on Thursday) - it's near Williams Green. They get booked up pretty quickly.
  6. timbrass

    Second hand ticket - photo?

    Being taken off the register is not much of a problem - re-register at a different address with a slightly different name - Jim Smith versus James Smith - and a new photo.
  7. timbrass

    what happen if you miss your coach?

    Then add some extra evidence - get the guy on Skype on the phone and let him talk to the coach driver. I would suggest you have a 80% chance of getting him to hand it over (assuming you are not a arse about it). Worst case is the guy has to go to the booth at Gate A
  8. timbrass

    Second hand ticket - photo?

    Get a make-up artist to make you look like the person in the photo (and go in Wed evening when it is dark)? Might improve your chances a little.
  9. timbrass

    what happen if you miss your coach?

    The coach driver does not want the hassle of having to hand tickets back to the booth at Gate A - he wants to go home, so if you had lots of background deets (like printout of the booking page - always worth screenshotting it, a photocopy of the guy's passport and a copy of the barcoded ticket sent via email) then you would almost certainly be able to pick up the ticket on the coach for him.
  10. timbrass


    I know a friend who has an unwanted Campervan West ticket. Would be face value of £100. If necessary they could sit in the vehicle but they are not coming down till Thursday PM.
  11. I am going down to Pilton on Sunday 18th if anyone wants a lift. No charge! Could pick up Reading on way from Henley, Oxon Tim
  12. timbrass

    HMS Sweet Charity

    I've been in there a couple of times, but it was always just a silent disco...... or am I getting confused?
  13. timbrass

    Campervan ticket for sale!

    I can see them refusing someone without a CVW ticket (i'm surprised they were allowed up Stickleball lane from the A361), but I know friends who got into CVW last year with a CVW ticket but no matching ticket. The guy on the gate simply did not care. Was anyone with a valid CVW pass refused entry last year?
  14. timbrass

    Campervan ticket for sale!

    I checked with a friend who was in CVW last year and their Campervan Ticket did not match anyone in the van and the guy on the gate (up Stickleball lane) could not care less - all he was interested in was whether you have a Campervan Pass. The guy feeding traffic up from the main road is only interested in whether you have the sticker. He just wants to keep traffic moving. Once you are on the lane up there is no option to turn you around - its one way only!