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  1. Is the system different this year? You used to have just an entry ticket with photo, general wristband (and then exit pass). What is the Campervan wristband?
  2. If the other options don't work then you could get the free shuttle from Gate A to Bath and West and walk in from there (assuming you are not loaded with kit)
  3. timbrass

    Queue watch

    We want queue porn!
  4. timbrass

    Getting A Lift

    And there is a shuttle from Bath and West to Gate A
  5. If you have the other person's passport then unless you have a dickhead driver, they will give you the second ticket. Their concerns are 1) not giving out the wrong tickets 2) having to take unclaimed tickets to the ticket office at Gate A 3) getting home asap
  6. How does Glamping compare to renting a motorhome for the Glasto week? I suspect it is cheaper!
  7. It was separate from the JP tent precursor because I recall walking from the Cinema field and being puzzled to see JJ Cale on in the "New Bands" tent
  8. I use a whale pump and small 12v battery to pump water into van tanks.
  9. I will remind him! I agree it will only be of use in dry conditions. In the past he has either used Camplight or I have setup his tent on Wed in Pennards via CVW
  10. Made a basic trolley for my son and his girlfriend. Wheels not as big as I would have liked but it was all I had in the shed! Should be ok on the metal trackways....
  11. Anyone know where the following on the Line up list are located? We need a more detailed map! - Village Inn - Tolpuddle - Bread and Roses - The Bug - The Pavement - The Gateway San Remo would appear to be where Beat Hotel was, but have some of the other old timers changed names (Lizzard, Toad Hall etc.)??
  12. All the ones I have been on are direct
  13. Looks like there are a few Reading departures 6am (8.30am we are on) and 12.30....
  14. I don't remember the year, but there was a small exhibition venue in Shangri-La area that had a collection of vagina plaster casts. They were selling fridge magnets with them on. I still have mine stuck on the fridge at home!
  15. In 2002 or 2003 there was a place in Lost Vagueness that offered wet shaves (called Sweeney Todds). There was a bar hidden at the back of the salon.
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