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  1. What's the state of the ground?
  2. Neil - You have admin rights - just change the thread title to "Bloody hell, it's gone totally manic on this Forum" 🙂
  3. As an alternative to paying £300 - 350 for a Campervan pass (current eBay price) I have discovered that you can use the Rugby Club in Crickhowell (opposite the Park/Ride point). They would charge £15 with hookup (3 free spaces) or £12 without hookup (unlimited space). If there is demand they might open the loo/shower block for an additional fee. The Park/Ride runs every 10 mins at peak times and every 30mins at off peak. Lawrence Watts is the contact - lawrencewatts99 (at) gmail.com. I have his phone number, but won't post it publicly here.
  4. On the Sunday at CVW Gate they closed the big gates and you had to come in through a door in the gate. Apparently this was to stop a group rushing the gate.
  5. timbrass


    I believe the ropes at the bottom were held by people walking it round to steady it. They put it away on Sunday as the crowd got bigger, presumably because three rope holders couldn't get through a big crowd.
  6. The tea ladies were there, but agree seemed to be fewer roving acts
  7. I suspect a forelorn hope......but does anyone have a Green Man campervan pass they might be prepared to sell? It's for my Yellow Bus....
  8. If you know the specific coach your mate is on then post it on eFests and ask someone on that coach to look out for it. They could then text you to confirm it was there (which would reassure you) and check that the driver knew to hand it in or follow him and check he handed it in.
  9. I have never quite understood why Islamaphobia has come to mean irrational hatred of Muslims. Phobia is Greek for fear so it should mean fear of the Religion of Islam. Fearing a religion seems a perfectly justifiable position to take. Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders (quite rational) but not hatred of spiders (rather irrational)
  10. 1) Publish the Festival brochure online as a PDF a few days before the gates open 2) Include a tear off voucher for the printed brochure so you can pick one up at any time and it doesn't get trashed if wet 3) Publish a map of all the food stalls and let them "advertise" what they are offering 4) Put up a 'Dossers Tent' so fewer people need to bring a (disposable) tent 5) Increase percentage of Coach tickets and provide a way for heavy tent/luggage to be sent in advance and picked up from a nominated lockup 6) Give Camplight a decent area inside the fence 7) Give everyone a free Gazebo as they come through the gate
  11. timbrass

    McShit festivals

    Am I alone in thinking that a Nandos might actually improve the Silver Hayes experience?
  12. timbrass

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Will Johnson voluntarily call a General Election or will he be forced to call a General Election after a vote of No Confidence?
  13. Anyone have a view on the relative effect of drainage versus evaporation? I suspect that wind speed is the key factor (and humidity). I suspect a light shower will mostly evaporate, but heavy rain will mostly drain away (unless ground already sodden).
  14. Any tips on how to cope if the ground is soft on exiting the CV fields? I was going to bring a couple of bits of old carpet to provide some extra grip and prevent rear wheels slipping and digging in...
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