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  1. I had heard the same September rumour from a well connected local. Likely there will be an uptick in the old Rona over Winter (says GP wife) with consequent local lockdowns which will only be lifted in Spring.
  2. That's better. I'll ordaaaaaa one online!
  3. Mix of either live music (accordion, uke type stuff) or wide range of recorded (not heavy bass, more likely vocal). Looking for something you could use outdoor, so perhaps a wide arc of sound rather than directional.
  4. Any recommendations for mid range outdoor speakers suitable for an audience of say 100 people within radius of say 50m? I assume they would need to be powered. Does the wattage determine the volume? Are they called "active" speakers if powered?
  5. Went to first live gig for many months on Sat.... Massaoke (who we saw in Williams Green last year) played Henley Festival carpark, We were allowed out of our cars and you could walk around and talk to others. A bit weird in that there were no speakers on stage - all the sound was from car radios tuned to 87.7. Not exactly a mosh pit, but it was better than nothing!
  6. For 2021 to go ahead either the risks change (vaccine, immunity, effective treatment, mutation etc) or people's perception/acceptance of the risk changes. Either is possible but I suspect not probable.
  7. timbrass

    BBC Glastonbury

    Struck by lack of flags and loads of little burning bonfires at the top of pyramid field....
  8. Just done (twice by mistake!)
  9. I've sorted out a muddy patch.....
  10. Is it acceptable to have fold out chairs if watching in the Garden?
  11. Lying in the back of the van listening to Worthy FM on a burner phone FM radio, the evening before the gates open
  12. What's the best way to send Bluetooth audio to multiple Bluetooth headsets at once from Windows 10 I.e. show the video of Lost Horizons on a screen in garden and let multiple people dance (2m apart obvs) without disturbing neighbors!
  13. Just donated...in all the years I've been to Glasto I've never been inside Lost Horizons. Hopefully 2021 will be a first-time.....
  14. That was the plan! I've only just finished making it....took a while to figure out the connectors.
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