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  1. What would the welly experts recommend for someone with really large calves? (former swimmer, _really_ large calves, I've never been able to wear tall boots).

    I'm pretty sure I want to go with wellies vs. walking boots and gaiters (given what I've read in this thread, among others). So far, I've been to over 10 stores trying on wellies: dunlop, karrimor, peter storm, house brands, nameless brands, and hunters. So far, the only boots I can fit in to are the gusseted hunters, but the cheapest I could find them at is £79. I live in London, I have pretty well no need for wellies except for glasto, so £80 for a pair of boots seems a bit excessive (they are very comfy though :-)

    Any other possibilities out there? Some sort of hidden gem that I could consider? I don't mind spending a decent amount, but I'd rather buy something that would be practical beyond a yearly festival.



  2. Coming from God's country (that's Yorkshire btw). Saltaire to be exact. Setting off on Tuesday afternoon and staying on a farm just outside Wells. Hopefully, on Wednesday morning, we can pootle along the back roads and come out near one of the entrances. That's the plan anyway.

  3. Amazing thread.

    For years I'd heard amazing and completely surreal stories about Glastonbury from my older brother who absolutely loved the festival. I would sit at home watching footage, expecting to be able to spot my brother (at the age of about 13 I clearly didn't realise quite how big the site is).

    I was so keen to go and experience it myself, especially as I only live a few miles away! So, in 2007, I managed to persuade a school friend to go with me after we finished our GCSE's. Seemed like the perfect celebration! We were both 16 and neither of us had camped before so was a little daunting...but then we arrived on site and fell in love with it straight away. Even though it rained 24/7 and we were up to our knees in mud, we had the best weekend ever!

    I've been every year since and have persuaded many skeptical friends to give it a try (they all obviously love it and kick themselves for not going in previous years). Even my Mum and her friends, at the age of 53 (and after 2 bottles of wine) decided to give Glastonbury a try in 2009 and thought it was breathtaking and never want to miss a year. My Dad has now been roped into going aswell. I love how Glastonbury has something for everyone, any generation, any type of music taste, etc.

    This will be my 5th year and I'm more excited than ever!

  4. Regina Spektor, she was absolutely amazing. Such a lovely, genuine person too. The crowd loved her and I still can't believe I've actually seen her, was at the front aswell! :(

    Really wanted to see Bon Iver but ended up missing him somehow... :D

  5. Seth Lakeman! I started listening to him a few weeks ago when I saw his name on the rumour line-up and absolutely loved him straight away. Now I've been listening to him nonstop and can't wait to see him! Turns out a few of my friends have liked him for years!

    Also, I was completely shocked/surprised to see that Regina Spektor's playing! I've always liked her but never really listened to much of her stuff before so downloaded her albums the other day and now absolutely love her! Definitely one of the artists I'm most looking forward to seeing :rolleyes:

  6. '97!!!!

    Freezing cold! Wet! Muddy!

    Grrrrr... them were the days... :rolleyes:

    ...but I do remember randomly finding someone I knew through the crowd, in the midst of the rain and mud during Finlay Quay at the Jazz Stage... one of those strange emotional Glasto moments.. :lol:

  7. 95 for me. First ever festival without my folks (used to go to Cambridge and Cropredy with them a lot). Oasis, Foo Fighters, Weezer, The Verve, Supergrass, Pulp, Elastica, Boo Radleys, Ash (around the time they did Girl From Mars), Sleeper. 15 years old and a huge Britpop fan I absolutely loved it plus the weather was fantastic!
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