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  1. Hey, no worries. I am indeed going this year :) I take it you are too, been before? x

  2. Hello! I've just logged in for the first time in about 6 months and noticed I posted a comment to myself last year which was meant to be for you...woops. Going to Glasto this year? x

    1. KingKolo


      Maybe going this year. We seem to miss each other by about a year or 2 each comment!

  3. Hey! Man I haven't been on here in ages, in fact about this time last year! Are you going to Glasto again this year? xx

  4. Thanks, you too! :) I've not long started packing and I have so much stuff to do tonight...there goes my early night, damn :/...but yeah, have an amazing festival :D xxx

  5. It's my first day training at work tomorrow...then I'm on holiday for a week haha :) we're aiming to get to the site for when the gates open I think :) hmmm...I'm packing both :/ the weather forecast keeps changing which is annoying...but yeah, I'm taking my wellies just in case but definitely packing more summery stuff :) xxx

  6. TWO DAYS!! :D xxx

  7. Err, coulda been better, coulda been worse...1 more to go, yay! I'm going out for a meal now :) xxx

  8. Haha do it ;) I've got a psychology exam at 2, gonna go to college now to do some last minute revision! :/ I need a hug too! I just wanna sit outside in the sun :( xxx

  9. Ah cool that sounds really good :) my brother went to Canada for 6 months and was working at a ski lodge, he came home about a month ago, just for a couple of weeks, now he's cycling around Europe, think he's in Germany at the moment. So jealous! Come travelling with me :P haha x

  10. Eek, yeah I used to do night shifts...at Sainsburys, just over Christmas, was good fun though! Mainly cause of the people there :) well I'm definitely going to Africa to do voluntary work in orphanages, need to sort out which countries though...need to research it more! I'm not sure where else I wanna go yet other than Africa though...where have you been? :) x

  11. Haha, good weekend then? I had a quiet one doing revision etc...fun fun! My new job is at Morrisons haha...I'm only gonna be there for 8 months or so though, then I'm going travelling :) Tom..ok, cool! Bet you can't guess mine :P xxx

  12. At least you remembered to write the comment on my page and not your own! Woops... :) started my new job today, met some really cool people already, yay :D oh yeah...what's your name by the way? Just wondering :) unless it actually is 'KingKolo' haha...xxx

  13. Think it went ok thanks :) it was editiorial writing though so kinda hard to know...I bet some loser examiner marks mine and hates it :/ oh well! You ok? xxx

  14. Haha ohhh dear, I don't remember writing that comment at all. In fact I don't even remember coming online! Was a bit hungover this morning but feeling fine now :) I'm not sure why I was annoyed! Haha...it was a crazy night though! Wow my spelling is good when I'm drunk...and yes, you are cool! :) xx

  15. P.s. 2 weeks and 1 day!!! :D just in case you didn't know :P

  16. Haha yeah probably not the best idea to go on about it at your new job...! I haven't actually got much on my list yet to be honest, just the main things like tent, pegs, (I have a habit of forgetting them!) etc...I've just had an exam, gahh I hate this time of year. 1 down, 3 to go! Going to a house party tonight though which should be fun so looking forward to that :) xx

  17. Ahhh, it's so close now :) excited much?! I think I'm probably annoying just about every single one of my friends cause I keep going on about it...but oh well :) I even started writing a list today (I NEVER write lists) how lame is that...gahh! I think Glasto should be longer though :) like 2 weeks...haha, that'd be amazing...x

  18. Haha, you alchie! :) Yeah exam seem to be less and less important...I start a new job on 13th and I have to work up until Glasto which is annoying :( but oh well...ahhh, 3 weeks tomorrow! Loving this weather aswell, would be amazing id it was like this for the festival :D x

  19. Hey :) Glasto newbie? x

  20. ...I'm liking the picture btw :) x

  21. Well I hope I see you about then ;) I've just got in...we found some drunk asleep on the pavement haha...that'll be fun for him when he wakes up in the morning! :) x

  22. ...he kinda got me into them.

    Yeah it is a weird slot for Bon Iver! The crowd will be chilled...then proper mental! Quite a contrast...x

  23. Ah cool, my ticket arrived the other day! :) haha yeah...I'll text Eavis now...

    Wow my persuasion skills are damn good! Maybe I'll bump into you there...doubtful, especially as I can't even really see what you look like in your picture...but who knows haha :)

    I've didn't like Glasvegas at first, but a guy I met at the festival a couple of years ago loves them

  24. Ahh I've just looked at Other Stage on Sunday...I REALLY wanna see Bon Iver and Glasvegas. Damn clashes! Why couldn't they fit the lineup around me haha (sorry, I'll stop commenting now :P) x

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