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  1. Hey, no worries. I am indeed going this year :) I take it you are too, been before? x

  2. Hi there thanks for the friends request, i take it you're going this year?

  3. Hello! I've just logged in for the first time in about 6 months and noticed I posted a comment to myself last year which was meant to be for you...woops. Going to Glasto this year? x

    1. KingKolo


      Maybe going this year. We seem to miss each other by about a year or 2 each comment!

  4. Hey! Man I haven't been on here in ages, in fact about this time last year! Are you going to Glasto again this year? xx

  5. back to reality:(

    How was it for you.

    Didn't see you at Regina lol.

    I'm not loving work. can't wait for the weekend! xx

  6. Thanks, you too! :) I've not long started packing and I have so much stuff to do tonight...there goes my early night, damn :/...but yeah, have an amazing festival :D xxx

  7. good call. Well if i don't see you at glasto have a great one! xxx

  8. It's my first day training at work tomorrow...then I'm on holiday for a week haha :) we're aiming to get to the site for when the gates open I think :) hmmm...I'm packing both :/ the weather forecast keeps changing which is annoying...but yeah, I'm taking my wellies just in case but definitely packing more summery stuff :) xxx

  9. can't wait! one more day of work to go and i'm coming to your town! Leaving london at 9:00 so should be onsite by midday on the wednesday. Just don't know whether to pack shades or wellies? xxx

  10. TWO DAYS!! :D xxx

  11. Err, coulda been better, coulda been worse...1 more to go, yay! I'm going out for a meal now :) xxx

  12. How did psyc go? x

  13. Haha do it ;) I've got a psychology exam at 2, gonna go to college now to do some last minute revision! :/ I need a hug too! I just wanna sit outside in the sun :( xxx

  14. Would love to! if only to see my boss' face when i told him i need a few months of holiday ;)

    right i spose i better head to bed, early start tomorrow. Feel well rough still i feel like i need a hug! xx

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