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  1. Hey, no worries. I am indeed going this year :) I take it you are too, been before? x

  2. Hi there thanks for the friends request, i take it you're going this year?

  3. Live in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. But staying at a friend's in Wells Tuesday night. Did the same last year...left at 6am Weds, in the queue at 6.20 and pitched by 9
  4. Hello! I've just logged in for the first time in about 6 months and noticed I posted a comment to myself last year which was meant to be for you...woops. Going to Glasto this year? x

    1. KingKolo


      Maybe going this year. We seem to miss each other by about a year or 2 each comment!

  5. Hey! Man I haven't been on here in ages, in fact about this time last year! Are you going to Glasto again this year? xx

  6. back to reality:(

    How was it for you.

    Didn't see you at Regina lol.

    I'm not loving work. can't wait for the weekend! xx

  7. Leaaa

    Who Blew You Away?

    Regina Spektor, she was absolutely amazing. Such a lovely, genuine person too. The crowd loved her and I still can't believe I've actually seen her, was at the front aswell! Really wanted to see Bon Iver but ended up missing him somehow...
  8. Left home about 5.15am and got to the site at 6am, no traffic whatsoever
  9. Does anyone know the name of the song or artist that played in the charity advert that showed between acts? I've been trying desperately to find out but no luck! Would be amazing if any of you guys know
  10. Thanks, you too! :) I've not long started packing and I have so much stuff to do tonight...there goes my early night, damn :/...but yeah, have an amazing festival :D xxx

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