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  1. shane73

    Highlight reels

    this one is not far off 2 hours from 1995 when it was channel 4 doing the tv rights
  2. shane73

    A Dossers Tent?

    there was one back in the mid nineties when i first went think it was run by the samaritans or similar organization
  3. if you go to the play store and go to settings and then accounts you can add your card details from there works on any device if you're signed into google when you are going to a payment screen type in the first couple of numbers and a drop down will appear and touch it and it will auto fill but you do usually have to add the 3 digit cv number
  4. shane73

    Ticket Briefing

    yes that's what think but also it does say your ticket will be save for ten minutes and will surely be taken off the amount available on seetickets system and if people are giving up they will go back into the pot so well worth trying your luck
  5. shane73

    Ticket Briefing

    also so regarding the back button if you get to the payment screen and press confirm and it says sold out or a crashed screen still keep trying the back button i got mine almost 20 mins after it said it had sold out in october and at the time there were a few people posting that they had done the same as well
  6. shane73

    Re-sale tips

    in october at around 09.30 got to put in reg details after a few times of having to use the back button because of blank screen got through to payment screen pressed confirm and got white screen again kept pressing back button and confirming again and again at 09.40 got the sold out page but did not give up and at 09.57 it said booking complete so keep trying you might get lucky i almost gave up
  7. if you type vatican city glastonbury in to google 1st result is count down clock to the festival which is in vatican city
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