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  1. Similar situation, but we're staying in the campervan fields. I assume it'll be the same process?
  2. Thanks for the replies... that's put my mind at rest. Any tips on keeping the ticket safe? I've heard a few people say keep it in the lanyard pouch. I'm still not sure about this, as I could lose it when I'm checking band/stage times, especially after a few beers!
  3. We're staying in the west campervan field for the first time this year and we'll be arriving Tuesday afternoon. I'm led to believe that this field has its own access gate to the festival site. How do we go about picking up our wristbands? Do we have to join the main queue? Or do we have our own wristband pick up station.. We're hoping to access the site early as we have friends who are camping on site, and we're bringing camping equipment for them. Thanks
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