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  1. Grimmy

    Nick Cave

    You were the real crowd hero at that gig, legend!
  2. Grimmy

    Nick Cave

    Loved it when the inflatable shark kept jabbing that girl in white in the face, battle of the attention speakers! Feel sorry for the poor sods directly behind her who waited for ages to be at the front for cave, then he mounts the barrier right near them for the best song, but oh no, she's more important so they all miss out on a very rare opportunity
  3. Grimmy

    Tent Robbers

    It depends on the circumstances: If they are trying to commit a criminal act you are allowed to use such force upon them as is reasonable as to capture/deter them, reasonable is then determined by the jury. If you think that they are trying to commit a criminal act but in reality they are not you are also allowed to use the same reasonable force upon them as long as you honestly (honest doesn't neccessarily have to be reasonable as the jury are asked to take into account that you would not have time to weigh things to a nicety, although in this case it probably would be reasonable too) believed at the time that they were trying to commit a criminal act. If you are voluntarily intoxicated (i.e drink or drugs) and you think they are trying to commit a criminal act but they are not you will be held liable for your actions, but if they really are then you are still allowed to use reasonable force. I hope this clears it up.