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  1. In no particular order... Chemical Brothers Kylie Lizzo Two Door Cinema Club Miley Cyrus
  2. I've got an 8am back to London. Would happily swap for an afternoon one.
  3. matt1991

    Emotional Moments

    These guys have just announced on Facebook they'll be back this year. Finding them on the hill in 2017 was a highlight for me, getting emotional watching it again.
  4. I did this one year. Everyone just gets in line outside gate a
  5. matt1991

    T day

    I tried this last night and it didn't work. Maybe it was because of the extra coach page though. Good luck!
  6. matt1991

    T day

    My friend got me a Thursday ticket. Gutted not Wednesday but I'M GOING!
  7. matt1991

    T day

    it will say this reg has been used already
  8. matt1991

    T day

    Wait? Last minute q, does it go to departure town or postcode first? I've got my browser refreshing til it finds postcode, should I change it?
  9. matt1991

    T day

    I've still got mine in that page. Gonna just press submit at 7pm and see what happens. Of course with other tabs refreshing in the background, so if it doesn't work shouldn't waste any time. Either way, it's beneficial because my browser has now remember the registration details so shouldn't have to copy and paste them in again!
  10. matt1991

    T day

    It's probably harder than the main sale, last year I believe coach packages sold out in like 20 minutes and the main sale like an hour? Saying that, there's a hell of a lot more standard tickets. Also 7pm tomorrow!
  11. matt1991

    T day

    Can anyone remember what card details are needed once you get on to the booking page? I'm putting a spreadsheet together for my friends so they can 'copy paste' over reg details and post codes and I'm also including my card details in this. I know that it isn't a thorough as a usual online transaction and you never have to verify it with the bank using your online banking password. Am I right in thinking it's just card number, expiry date and security code? And only debit cards?
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