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  1. HoTWire

    British Summer Time 2018

    I know it was ten years ago, but I saw them play when they did the 2007 reform and they were fantastic set list here : https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-smashing-pumpkins/2007/shepherds-bush-empire-london-england-53d61765.html I suspect at BST they wouldn't be playing for three hours though!
  2. HoTWire

    2017 New Music Thread

    New Febueder (very Foalsesque vocal stylings which I'm sure they will never get bored of being said about them) New Chelsea Wolfe too, for all the latent goths And finally new(ish) Mastodon
  3. HoTWire

    2017 New Music Thread

    New Laura Carbone is magnificent Channeling Polly Jean a bit I feel. My Release Radar on Spotify isn't work this week it seems :/
  4. HoTWire

    2017 New Music Thread

    Half a year, half a top ten 1) Elder - Reflections Of A Floating World 2) The Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody 3) All Them Witches - Sleeping Through The War 4) Future Islands - The Far Field 5) Makeup and The Vanity Set - Chrome Although I'm finding I'm listening to less full albums and more single tracks at the mo.
  5. HoTWire

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    Yeah I felt that older Shangri-La was like walking through a shitty looking glass and ending up in a dystopian version of wonderland. This time it felt like a street with some stages/venue around the edges of it, missed wandering through the alley ways and looking through a door way at a "venue" with twenty or so people squeezed in. I can see this being a problem though with how popular it all is over there now, those extra alleys and tiny venues/experiences are going to be crowded etc. etc.
  6. HoTWire

    Who should reform?

    I'd usually say Quicksand ... but they did. So Isis ... no not the terrorist organisation. Or The Mars Volta Or Dillinger Escape Plan......
  7. HoTWire

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    There aren't that many local hotels to be honest. At least very few that aren't already getting booked up for the festival period anyway. The thing with Glastonbury it has become a thing to be at. The wall to wall BBC coverage, the magazines, the papers, the PR have all made it this thing in a way that other festivals in the UK aren't. So you get people that rarely go to festivals that want somewhere nicer than a eurohike in a field to stay. Thus glamping. Even if you remove the glamping side of things those people are still going to come to the festival, because thing, so you'll end up with them in the campsites, and then people will be complaining about either a: getting complained at for making noise, or b: people camping badly, or c: people making too much noise, or more probably d: all of the above. The bottom line is that most of the complaints in this thread amount to the festival is too popular. Well that is what the organisers want and that is what they have got, ticket sell outs, log jammed stages, commercial line up, glamping, all of it is what is desired by the organisers when they set down the path to make it as popular as possible and when they signed whatever deal they have with the BBC they secured that.
  8. HoTWire

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    We go home each night, bath in the morning to ease the aching legs,so also annoying clean people On that subject actually I was really impressed with how quick we got in this year, Thursday to Sunday we were less than 45 minutes from sofa to T&C, no gate queues any time. I would say the parking was managed less than brilliantly, a number of times we were very much left to our own devices. A few more signs is all they need to sort this out. It resulted in a few people parking really badly on the end of rows and blocking traffic leaving on Sunday.
  9. HoTWire

    The Future of Metal At The Festival

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Gojira, Gojira, Gojira. They are at the top of their game right now (hopefully still in 2 years as well!). Their politics match the festivals ethos. They are also brilliant live and have released a pretty accessible album or two over the last few years. Ghost would be amazing (John Peel?) Wolves In The Throne Room, Black Peaks, Deftones, Tool, Mastodon, Clutch are all good shouts I think. Killswitch Engage are great live and I think could bring some on the fence people on side Bit of stoner stuff and a sprinkling of doom would go well too as it borders on the psychedelic, The Sword, Elder, All Them Witches, Lowrider, Earthless, etc. Bit of prog metal with pg.lost, Red Sparrows, God Is An Astronaut, and the magnificent If These Trees Could Talk It is a shame Dillinger Escape Plan are splitting up this year as they would have been perfect in John Peel, given that he played them (even did a session). From leftfield and just for the theatrics Australian doom metal band Portal would be good. So yes, yes to more, doesn't need to be a complete stage or anything, just sprinkle it about a bit for flavour.
  10. HoTWire

    2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    Thinking of Sonar at the moment ... been 12 years since we last went, probably time for a return.
  11. HoTWire

    Dick move of your festival......

    I didn't know I needed to see/hear this, but now I do...
  12. HoTWire

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    This isn't working though, as has been repeatedly seen. In theory it is a good idea, but because people are selfish in practice it doesn't work . Like communism People are camping out there anyway, give them the show they want to see, it will make for a much better atmosphere at Pyramid during the undercard.
  13. HoTWire

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    YES! ... I love with all my heart the Tiny Tea Tent in Greenpeace, but when people are playing on the stage there it would be perfect if they turned off the music in the tent. And yes the same at West Holts. Oh and whilst I'm here : Friday: Radiohead The xx The National Saturday Foo Fighters Biffy Clyro Royal Blood Sunday Ed Sheeran Katy Perry Chic I know it can be desirable to mix up the styles, because then you get the 'hilarious' shot of someone with long hair and a Foo Fighters tshirt dancing to Katy Perry, which is just so Glaso yah?. However what you also get is a bunch of disinterested people waiting for something they do like to come on stage (which also exacerbates the chairpeople issue I think). People are going to plonk themselves in front of one stage anyway waiting for the headliner.
  14. HoTWire

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    Grindcore, metal, extreme music shouldn't be on small stages in hidden places it should be on John Peel stage. More TV coverage not less, every band on every stage, give small bands the access that you give already large bands to having viewers. Shrink or reform Green Futures area, once upon a time these were radical ideas on the fringes and it made sense to have them represented by fringe peoples. Now they are mainstream, that is magnificent,but we don't need a recycled solar powered bus playing folk music to sell solar panels to us, we need details on how, why, where of getting them on our house. We need car manufacturers showing their green initiatives. Sure this is not the anti-capitalist message they also want to sell you, but are they more serious about the environment or their group identity at this point? Greenpeace area is doing it right imho. Have less fucking stages, dance area doesn't need seven stages if four of them are half empty all the time. Maybe by having less stages they could pay the artists a bit more? A better route from Park to JP and JP to West Holts (not sure how the latter would work tbh, but that isn't my job, unless they want it to be, Emily call me). But frankly it was one of the best year's of Glastonbury ever for me, and it is great to see all the little improvements they have been doing and I'm sure they will be having a debrief and look towards what to improve next time (as I do with my own events and I'm sure everyone else does too ).
  15. HoTWire

    Leaving the site on Saturday

    Hey man, did you get it sorted okay?