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  1. getting pissed in the crew bars 😉
  2. God yeah, each their own and that, but I just cant abide his musings about sub-par 90's indie landfill all the time.. and over use of the word 'fella' urgh....
  3. Tuesday - Arrive - Set up Tent - Get shifts - Plan my three or four must sees around my shifts.- Birthday Bar Crawl around crew bars. Wed - Thurs - Fri - Sat - Sun - Plan to fail, fail to plan - Go with flow
  4. got an email asking me to join a face-ache group. I haven't done face-ache for years, and have no intention to do so... Hope they do not put anything important on there, as ill miss out.
  5. The John Peel Centre in Stowmarket had a 'Classic Album Sunday' with Jarvis and Pulp's 'Different Class' I was working the bar and met him briefly beforehand. Sheila hunted out John's copy of the album and found it to be still in the shrink, so she thought it would be great for him to open it on stage, and give it a spin.. A great day with a Q&A after..
  6. Hot Chip Comet Is Coming The Streets Fontaines DC The Idels But alas I and behind the bar serving you's lot drinks for 24 hours over the festival so will miss out on at least one or two.. Will no doubt stumble across someone else good to see though
  7. fuztownsend01


    Ha!! pump's booked for 8am and were pouring 100m3 of the grey stuff before noon!!
  8. fuztownsend01


    We put tower cranes up at work and this is how its done. erect the tower and assemble the jib on the floor. Get a mobile in to lift the jib and slewing ring up..
  9. just under.. around 90 mins..
  10. Went last night.. Like other people have said, its mostly about being able to identify and work through serving folk that look underage. Few other bit and bobs. Most people there had already been to Glastonbury, and worked in bars, but what is expected of you is all explained well. The main thing I took from it is that you are expected to be ambassadors for the charity, don't slack off or take the piss, have fun, enjoy the experience and whatever you do DO NOT serve people who are underage
  11. Yeah.... think a trip to Lidl the Sunday before I leave, otherwise it'll get drunk
  12. flags like this..... Saul' Goodman... Notice how they do not install them where they will get on peoples tits.. Knobhead's stood in front of a main stage all day with fishing rod flags on the other hand.........
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