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  1. Same mines were bought through festicket! Hopefully the issue is rectified soon.
  2. Anyone who has VIP manage to get the half price ticket? Coming up full price for me for the 5th day as well.
  3. If it's Springsteen I'll have to get a ticket as he is a bucket list act for me but not sure if I can hack 5 days. I'll be a bag of mince after 4 days of drinking and sun 😂
  4. Rookie mistake - instead of rebooking my hotel after last year's cancellation straight away I've just reserved it now and its about double what we paid last time. Gonna reserve it just to make sure I have something booked but see if I can find something more reasonable!
  5. have you guys booked hotels yet or waiting in case they announce a location change? thoughts on the remaining couple headliners?
  6. The strokes as a possible headliner? Playing trnsmt around the time of this.
  7. Yeah thinking either moving to weekend before or after the Biffy gig!
  8. Wish mad cool would stop promoting their new online Chanel and give us some sort of update.
  9. Hope they're not teasing their cancellation 🤣
  10. gutted this is likely to be cancelled, although not unexpected just another nail in the coffin of 2021 already.
  11. Bought tickets after it was postponed last year and was optimistic back then we would be in a much better place by this time but gutted to say I can't see this one going ahead. Unless maybe mass testing each day? Fuck knows. Clutching at straws as was so looking forward to a festival in the sunshine.
  12. I can imagine! Normally go to a festival in las Vegas every year and it's held in sept and starts at midday. Normally in the high 30's - it's a killer.
  13. Yeh fingers crossed the bus still drops around there next year! Will check out some of the last few years lineups for set times.
  14. First time going to this. Booked hotel near Chamartin station and planning to get train in every day and then hopefully the bus back or uber. Really hoping this goes ahead! Do the headliners not come on until about 1am? I'll need to make sure I sleep during the day haha
  15. How reduced are the 'reduced price bars' in VIP compared to general prices. Cheers.
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