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  1. Anyone who has been and had VIP tickets do you think it was worth it?
  2. When are the additional names getting announced?
  3. Can anyone tell me whether they think VIP is worth it? Never been to this fest before. Is the VIP area in front of stage or far away? Are the drinks much cheaper? Any info would be great!
  4. Are these the only UK shows? or are they likely to announce a Scottish show? The dates would fit in with the couple shows announced for Glasgow green in June
  5. Fingers crossed its back in Scotland. Think is was 13/14 it was last here.
  6. Fews acts over different days I'd like to see but overall not for me. Sure it will sell well though.
  7. Yeah I know! Could easily have sold another date at Falkirk stadium. Just can't see then doing another trnsmt slot after playing it 2 years ago.
  8. Not gonna be the killers - played 2 years ago and stadium gig ij Falkirk 6 weeks before. Kings of Leon possibly.
  9. Aye he done 2 in Edinburgh last year and could easily sell the Glasgow one out.
  10. Capaldi has dates around trnsmt surely a strong possibility. Although feel like it's a bit overkill with all the Scottish dates he's had in the last year.
  11. Reckon twenty one pilots could be one.
  12. Nice. Much smaller than all the other shows their doing I think. Could have easily done 2/3 dates here. Sold out bellahouston few years ago which is around 30000?
  13. Out of interest - does anyone know what the capacity for Falkirk stadium concerts is?
  14. Reckon the killers are a cert for this now.
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