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  1. pedmills

    Kanye west confirmed

    I thought I may as well make this very obvious petition before someone else did. Lets hope it attracts some nutjobs.
  2. pedmills

    Dolly Parton MIming?

    Although Dolly's set was a bit of a laugh, and I feel like we shouldn't take it too seriously, I also for some reason feel like it breaks some kind of Glastonbury standard. Obviously there's no rule against it at Glastonbury but has anybody done it before? Presumably e.g. Tom Jones didn't?
  3. pedmills

    Arcade Fire

    Exactly. That said, I think it is worth booking bands that have a few albums out to ensure they have enough song variety to cover a long set. But the bands you mention do. One thing to remember: nothing bad happens if the new headliners end up a bit rubbish. Mumford and Sons, from what I've heard, didn't exactly put on a classic set, yet that is all forgotten about now. Absolutely no consequences. So the festival may as well take on a risk on the smaller acts as actually there is no risk.
  4. pedmills

    Rolling Stones...

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-22995473 "But he added the Pyramid area had been extended to allow for the thousands of fans expected for the band's set in a bid to avoid any problems with overcrowding." How do you think they have extended it? Longer? Wider? Bigger entrances/exits? Edit: should have read above properly, someone has already asked this. Never mind.
  5. pedmills

    Rolling Stones...

    I think what they are thinking is that the gap is so big that people will decide for themselves when to come - there won't be a 10 minute period where everyone pushes to the front. If the gap was the usual 45 minutes everyone would charge forward at the same time just after Primal Scream finished. Anyone who wanted to be at the front for Primal Scream would really struggle to get out, etc. Also they might be thinking about issues like toilets. If everyone watching the Rolling Stones also watched Primal Scream, then the queues for the toilets in the Pyramid field might get out of control. I don't think it's genius, but I certainly don't think it's idiocy.
  6. pedmills

    Rolling Stones...

    Yep...why are bands so stupid?
  7. pedmills

    Rolling Stones...

    One of my biggest problems with the U2 set was that I was expecting huge singalongs for their big hits, yet when it came to it the crowd just didn't seem as loud as I'd hoped. Maybe the rain dampened everyone's enthusiasm.
  8. pedmills

    Rolling Stones...

    In my experience if you turn up just as the sub-headliner finishes, you can be very near the front. However, I think this time will be a little busier so I think you will probably need to already be in the crowd during Primal Scream's set in order to get into the pit.
  9. pedmills

    Rolling Stones...

    I find it amusing that you've never been, but are still keen to weigh in with your expert opinion That's the spirit!