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  1. I noticed that the poster for the Manics Cardiff gig announced this morning also had "sounds of the city 2019" at the top of it. Any connection to the Manchester event?
  2. jjbeeson

    The National

    Anyone know if this new festival will have that awful separate standing area at the front for VIP tickets holders that they have at British Summertime gigs?
  3. off to benicassim. laterz twitter

  4. Opening my 10 year old bottle of champagne I won 10 years ago in lanzarote http://lockerz.com/s/118905219

  5. Could be richer right now. Grrr curses

  6. My liver really didn't like that. Ooooh ouch

  7. Stornoway tonight @TheOldBlindMan yeahyeahyeahyeah

  8. suck it and see on vinyl, never had a better birthday present from an auntie

  9. Let's get drunk!!!!

  10. Dropped my Madonna vinyl, broke like a virgin....#badpuns

  11. First beer of the day ;)

  12. Just got an email from west ham united....are you kidding me. How the f**k has this happened

  13. Love waking upto 38 new facebook notifications that just say 'happy birthday' and one smiley face and one x

  14. Even got paid for tonight (Y) just gets better

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