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  1. Cheers for the heads up. Just sorted the flights out there on Thursday morning from Manchester. £53 each which was decent. Over £200 to get back on the Monday so left the return atm. Hopefully something will pop up with another airline a bit cheaper in the next few months 🤞
  2. Nice thanks for replies guys. Was thinking far ahead for flights and annual leave 👍
  3. Never been to Primavera but absolutely loving that line up so I’ll snap up a ticket next week. Quick question.... In the past I thought that Wednesday was open for a few small acts and then Thursday, Friday and Saturday were the main days and that was the lot. 2 - 6 June I see for this year so it looks like there’s 5 days to it now though. Is Sunday one of the main days to add to Thurs, Fri, Sat now then? Or is it another day like Wednesday?
  4. Can’t wait for it now! The line up hasn’t turned out as well as I hoped but the Saturday is still up there with the best days of any festival this year. Really looking forward to Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Idles. Flight is Wednesday morning from Manc with easyJet with the return a week later. Stopping in a hostel in Cais De Sodre station so hoping it’s fairly straightforward to get to the festival ?? Will probably be at the same bar for the cricket Homer so if you see a skinny lad with a big whack off Florence tattoo on leg give us a holla ??
  5. Friday The Vaccines - Sam Fender - Idles - Interpol Saturday Gerry Cinnamon - Fontaines DC - Johnny Marr - Liam Gallagher - The Killers Sunday Slaves - Self Esteem - BMTH - Bootleg Beatles - Vampire Weekend - The Streets Sunday is not far from perfect. Good gaps between acts so I’m not rushing about from one to another. Saturday could easily change depending on the TBA’s. Quite a bit I want to watch from 6 onwards so nothing is set in stone for that day. Friday, there’s some large gaps in the schedule. I’ll have to search out other bands. I’ve tried Goat Girl. They seem ok but not enough to make sure I’m there. I’ll continue through the other stages.
  6. God I must be the only person who entered that C + TQ's comp on Dice to not win tickets ?. Thankfully there seems to be some on showfilm left so I'll buy a couple when the registration comes through Decent weather tomorrow anyway! Hoping to get in for Dream Wife. A run of Dream Wife, Fat White, Parquet courts, Jarvis, The Raconteurs and The Strokes for me. Looks like they've got a decent selection of beers on tap going from twitter too. Maltsmiths IPA on draught ?
  7. Should be able to get just under four charges out of both of them. Won’t be hammering social media and the internet whilst I’m there so I reckon it should do me ? Millets have a further 20% off of their sale is anyone’s still after a tent or the like too. Picked a decent 2 man tent up for just under £50 the other day
  8. https://www.ryman.co.uk/silicon-power-5000mah-power-bank Picked up a couple of these power banks. Obviously not as good as the Anker ones but can’t go wrong at a fiver a pop. Hopefully two of them should make the phone last me the festival.
  9. Cheers Phil! Would you recommend doing the same on the way back? Did it take you long on the return journey? Not fussed about a big traffic congestion on the way there as I could rock up to Glastonbury anytime but on the way back would need to be in Bristol for midday.
  10. Bit of advice needed Coming down from Leeds to the festival and the train gets into Bristol at 1238 on the Wednesday. Getting the train back from Bristol at 1200 on the Monday. All that travel is booked. It’s the travel to the festival in between I’m wondering about... Was going to get the 1330 national express from Bristol to Glastonbury. Gets there at 1445. That journey is still available. Seems incredibly overpriced at £26 for a single journey but there’s still seats available on the national express site. On the way back on Monday we were going to get the 0830 or 0930 coach back. The problem is, that has sold out. Only journey available is the 0700 coach which gets us into Bristol at 0845 which is was too early. How would people recommend I get back to Bristol? Was looking at the bus, the GF3 which is advertised on the Glastonbury site. Anyone have any past experience of this? Would we be waiting long if we got there, say 0830 on the Monday? Would we be able to get a trolley on there with our bags, tent and sleeping bags strapped on? What about the train? Doable if we set off at a similar time? Should booked the national express when I booked the train I know but unfortunately that option has now passes so a bit stumped at the moment ?
  11. It does say and more at the bottom. I think they've only posted that because Miles Kane has changed from Saturday to Friday for 'logistical reasons'. I reckon he will pop up at Nos now. Similar to Primal Scream changing their date at Doctor Music. Still, I don't think there's many acts to announce for Mad Cool. Maybe 1 or 2 international acts and then the rest small Spanish. Not many acts to go but I'd hazard a guess Nos will get Cat Power, Slow Readers Club and Parquet Courts from that Mad Cool line up appearing on Sagres. The last 2 acts (Johnny Marr and Marina) appeared on Mad Cools latest line up along with those 3. A few small Portuguese and competition winners filling the rest of the line up up. Maybe another headliner act who's yet to appear on the Thursday at Mad Cool
  12. Gladly take Johnny Marr. Especially for the 12th. Now on 3 acts I want to see that day ? Hopefully we’ll have a couple more next week
  13. Surprised to see Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever so low. I know they’re not a big band but I wasn’t expecting to see them underneath literally everyone bar Tourist. Hoping they play an early slot so they don’t clash with anyone. My number one act to see at the festival. Bon Iver not far behind so praying there’s no clash there ?
  14. Laughable statement to say Super bock has a better line up than Nos. I mean come on, they have Metronomy down on the second line on their poster. Just because they’ve been poor in announcing acts doesn’t bring down the acts they’ve already announced. Now at the point though where I’m hoping Vampire Weekend are headlining the Friday. I don’t think they’re going to be able to come up with another act who are bigger and better than them at this stage. I don’t want them to do a Mad Cool and have an act like Prophets headlining just for the sake of bringing a headliner in. Give Vampire Weekend an hour and half and let them play in the dark. They’ll smash it. More importantly, fill the Sagres stage up ?
  15. Quietly confident they’ll pull an act or two out this week. Payday week so makes sense to anyway. Not sure they deal in sense but I’ll be checking on Instagram at 9 in the mornings. Of Monsters and Men have announced a US festival date in September. I’d happily take them anywhere on the line up. Decent singles band.
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