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  1. Eh what?! I cant see anything on that website about any music! I hope that it isn't true anyway, I would be disappointed if they were the next announcement!
  2. Kasabian Im not a huge fan of but my boyfriend is and I want to try and get him to agree to come along so Im happy with them! Im mega excited about The Prodigy, Ive always wanted to see them and never have, I was meant to see them at Isle of Wight last year and couldn't go in the end!
  3. I wonder how many of them are headliners then? Kasabian obviously, Prodigy could be as well? We will find out when the official website comes back up I guess.
  4. I doubt they will announce any more headliners today, wish they did though! Im hoping they will announce a few smaller bands today, maybe vampire weekend, delphic, or friendly fires. Page down could mean they are updating it right now!
  5. Not who I was hoping for but still a good start!! My boyfriend really likes them. Why do they make us wait sooo long before they make any announcements! They couldve announced the first conformations at 9am! I cant concentrate on my work at all today!!!
  6. I cant even get onto the Fiberfib website at the mo. Maybe too many people are trying!
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