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  1. Frrrraaappp head

    Body&Soul Festival 2018, Ireland 22nd - 24th June.

    An update on the line up.
  2. A new Irish festival created by promoters POD who also are behind Body&Soul, Forbidden Fruit and Electric Picnic up to about 2009 anyway.
  3. Frrrraaappp head

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    Irish festival on the same weekend as Bestival.
  4. Frrrraaappp head

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    I notice that Fever Ray is missing from this line up, will they be a later addition I wonder.
  5. The first announcement for the Body&Soul festival, Solas to Latituder's, is Fever Ray headlining and curating the Body&Soul main stage on Friday night 22nd June. http://bodyandsoul.ie/
  6. Frrrraaappp head

    Electric Fields 2018

    Are you sure it isn't a Leftfield DJ set or the proper band live set up aka (Neil Barnes version) or is it a Paul Daley's Leftfield? Its just that recent festival announcements in Ireland for Leftfield states that its a DJ set which is quite different from the live band set up. I would be inclined to think it was the band if it had live in brackets next to the name.
  7. Frrrraaappp head

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    Well incoming news is that Jimmy Cliff is playing both Bestival (Saturday 4th) and All Together Now Festival (Sunday 5th) in Waterford, Ireland (On the same weekend). https://www.jimmycliff.com/tour/
  8. Frrrraaappp head

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    A new Irish festival has been launched by POD Promotions for 3rd - 5th August called All Together Now in Curraghmore House, Portlaw, Co Waterford, a line up hasn't been announced yet but I would imagine they might be trading bands and acts with Bestival, possibly. http://www.beat102103.com/entertainment/major-concert-promoter-teases-new-summer-music-festival-waterford/
  9. Frrrraaappp head

    Trip Hop - Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Allflaws

    I always thought Leftfield had similar sounding tracks to Massive Attack and Portishead too, although I think they are Sheffield rather than Bristol.
  10. Frrrraaappp head

    Pink Floyd?

    I like this one myself.
  11. Frrrraaappp head

    Pink Floyd?

    I saw the Floyd men three in Manchester in 1988, have never got to see Waters, so might get the family on the case to get a Waters ticket if he announces the UK, Scotland or Ireland.
  12. Frrrraaappp head

    Bestival 2017

    I thought the Channel 4 TV coverage was crap this year, two 23 minute clips, one of Rag'N'Bone Man and one of the XX, two bands on the main stage, WTF!
  13. Frrrraaappp head

    Electric Picnic 2018

    Like some of these suggestions, I will add for electronica acts anyway, Aphex Twin, Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, The Prodigy. Rock: The Horslips, Stone Roses, Jesus & the Mary Chain, Slowdive, Little Dragon (although they would fit in the electronica section too).
  14. Frrrraaappp head

    Fyre festival

  15. Frrrraaappp head

    Rock en Seine 2017

    New additions to the line up.