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  1. Chihiro Cheeks

    Guest Camping

    Even if you poured them into a paper cup?
  2. Chihiro Cheeks

    Guest Camping

    Thank God there's a path. I was on the verge of a melt down at the thought of bussing it every time you want to leave the arena. As for taking drinks in they have got really strict over the years. Last year you couldn't take them from the guest camp into the guest bar unless they were in a cup!
  3. Chihiro Cheeks

    Guest Camping

    It's rubbish that they don't tell you how often there's going to be a transfer service. I'm not arriving until Saturday!
  4. Chihiro Cheeks

    Guest Camping

    Thanks for that. I'll have a look. Thought I had done but must have missed the guest section!
  5. Chihiro Cheeks

    Guest Camping

    So if we come by bus, we have to get on a second bus to get us to guest camping? Where did you find details on that? It's far less than ideal!
  6. Chihiro Cheeks

    Few Questions please

    Oops sorry wrong post!
  7. Chihiro Cheeks

    Lock Up 2014

    The Lock Up has gradually got worse each year I would still miss it if it went though!

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