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  1. ***IMPORTANT*** Be careful, theres a link going round for a live stream of Chris Martin from coldplay doing a gig live from his home. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. It will take you to a live stream of Chris Martin doing a gig live from his home.
  2. In light of recent panic buying UK supermarkets have introduced limits. Asda: 2 hand sanitisers, 24 toilet rolls Tesco: 1 hand sanitiser, 18 toilet rolls & 2kg rice Co-op: 12 toilet rolls, 1kg rice Aldi: 2 trumpets, 1 diving suit & a MIG welder
  3. There are stories today about people over 70 being asked to self isolate for four months.... Michael Eavis, Paul McCartney, Diana Ross....!?!?!
  4. How about if they extend Glastonbury for a further 14 day isolation period from the Monday, just to make sure we’re all virus free by the time we go back to society. It’s the sensible thing to do, surely?
  5. People need to stop losing their shit about this. 1.35 million people die in car accidents every year. that’s 2 people a minute. We’re not closing the roads are we!?! 6,000 die by lightning strike. 5,000 in the US from eating contaminated meat. 6,000 tripping over.
  6. At the moment we’re in the “containment” phase....but things aren’t getting cancelled, transport isn’t in lockdown, schools aren’t shut. By the end of June, either it’ll have been “contained” or it’ll have spread to the extent that nothing will make a difference anymore. if the latter happens, then cancelling Glastonbury isn’t going to change anything.
  7. wilko8

    The Strokes?

    19th. What a fucking ball ache 😖
  8. wilko8

    Other Stage 2020

    Kasabian? the black keys?
  9. Is there any defined or accepted limit to the amount of tents you can pitch on your campervan pitch?
  10. wilko8

    Fake Poster....

    I wonder what the venn diagram of people who think Greta doesn’t know what she’s talking about because she’s 16 and people who thought the 15 year old Shamima Begum was a terrorist whom we should lock up and throw away the keys looks like. ⭕️ ??
  11. wilko8

    Fake Poster....

    It makes me laugh when people say things like this. The planet will 100% be absolutely fucking fine. It’s us puny humans that are going to die. The planet will recover and will be a better place without us. We’ve literally set our house on fire, now we’re sitting on the sofa eating crisps hoping someone else is gonna ring the fire brigade.
  12. wilko8

    Fake Poster....

    Someone has a LOT of time on their hands!! I’d be pretty happy with that though!!
  13. I’ve written a post supporting Foals as headliners and another post supporting the eavii in not booking them as headliners. When does the poll close so I can decide which post I need to post?
  14. wilko8

    Drop the deposit.

    It’s also a nice little money spinner....£25 ‘admin’ fee for people who don’t pay the balance.
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