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  1. wilko8

    Been offered a way in

    Comrade Bryukhanov says DO IT
  2. wilko8

    Country file weather

    A bull is introduced to a heffa and then a calf comes along. Sex education from the 80’s
  3. Can I order a version with the avocado on it avocado 🥑
  4. wilko8

    Country file weather

    The right winners there. Amazing people. But why did they win a chopping board??
  5. wilko8

    Country file weather

    Genuinely excited to see who the winners of farming hero awards are
  6. Foals is brilliant news. Saw them in Birmingham last weekend. Fucking brilliant
  7. wilko8

    The Weather Thread 2019

    “Changeable” is forecaster speak for “don’t have a fucking clue”.
  8. Driving to York yesterday, saw a car with a private number plate of G19 NFR. A sign, surely.
  9. wilko8

    The Weather Thread 2019

    This thread is a daily, or even hourly, emotional rollercoaster. Every year I say I won’t look at it.... forecast looks good, stick, forecast looks bad, it’s bullshit, don’t worry it’s too far out to be accurate, the ground will be dry even if it rains now, forecast looks good, stick....repeat ad infinitum
  10. wilko8

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Oh good god yes. Haha It’s “agile” don’t you know
  11. wilko8

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Can anyone think of a profession (apart from tory MP) where you can get things so get things so consistently and comprehensively wrong and still remain in a job?
  12. There was a coffee place in the part that we frequented on the way back to west campervan fields a few years ago. One night we asked them for a shot of brandy in the coffee, they obliged for a ridiculously low supplement, 50p from memory. We made it a nightly thing. By the third night they'd cottoned on and had a chalk board up advertising coffee & brandy...£4.50
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