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  1. I admit i'm more on the mainstream end of the EOTR audience, but the above few posts sound like you've all been at the bandname generator in the woods. Therefore I predict my generated bandname will play : Bathbombs from out of town. 🤣
  2. yeah i feared as much, but forever hopeful
  3. wooderson, how badly do hot chip and john grant clash? thanks in advance
  4. What survey are people talking about? Have I missed something?
  5. I think the clashfinder folk only have as much info as we have. They have the lineup which is published on the EOTR site and a list of set times from last year. It says under their Print advisory warning "Don't even think about it" as this is basically an educated guess. Only once the stage times come out officially will we know for sure.
  6. BUMP. As many sets are disappearing from iplayer very shortly.
  7. metronomy the beths courtney Barnett parquet courts martha bodega black midi pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs micael kiwanuka mitski
  8. saw fontaines at glastonbury - they didn't blow me away. Pond who were on afterwards were much better.
  9. We saw Emily Eavis with family in Greenpeace looking at the wooden Bee thingy on weds. Emily Eavis again at the park during the extinction rebellion talk on thursday. Michael Eavis in the Woods at around 1am? after the friday headliners, looking at things like the reflective moon pool. My gf saw him on saturday too in his car at the greenpaece/green fields crossroads. But the best spot was Tilda Swinton behind us in the queue for Buddhabowl on Friday lunchtime. She was talking with her companion about someone in a neighbouring food queue having one of the bags you get at Cannes Film festival. Her companion asked how do you know it's a Cannes bag? She replied - I've been.
  10. We camped in SP1 for probably 6? festivals before splashing out for Worthy View in 2016 and failing to get tickets in 2017. Prior to that we were in the dragon field before it became crew camping. We would camp on the SP1 side of the trees separating SP1 from SP2 so as to get more shade from the early morning sun, roughly 2/3 of the way up the field towards the fence. Also the hill allows water not to pool. It's a great field, provided that you don't mind a bit of a walk into the main parts of the festival. In my experience there would be decent space for latecomers pretty much all through Weds and you'd probably even find enough space for 3 tents on thursday. Toilets tended to get pretty busy in the mornings, as with most camping fields, so we tended to walk to the facilities at the park and get a coffee at the same time. Not sure what effect cineramageddon has had on the field since we last camped there.
  11. Always have at least one Goan Fish Curry. They also do Kedgeree for breakfast if you get there before 11/midday? Which we also try and do once a year.
  12. I too am interested in where does a good decaf as the good lady her indoors can't drink caffeine anymore. In the past, when we've camped in the south park area, we've regularly walked to the park and got coffee from a place near the bimble inn.
  13. Cold little heart (full version)
  14. rwa

    The 2019 Food Thread

    Do only rhyming establishments get your recommendation?
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