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  1. Good intel that, thanks. Could it be Black Stone back for a bite of the sub Cherry?
  2. Def Leppard / Five Finger Death Punch / Maiden Motley Crue / Ghost / Judas Priest as subs. Think the Def-Motley-Poison-Joan Jett tour will come as a package, and you can realistically expect that as slots 1-4 on MOR Mainstage day. Download weren't shy about having Leppard do 2009 and 2011, so 2019 and 2022 shouldn't be a shock tbh. MCR, Creed, Rage and BMTH are all more novel options but all won't happen for one reason or another.
  3. * Ironically I guess mine, as a fan!!!!, are faulty.
  4. Yeah fair enough, I should have done the ‘ ‘ around fan goggles* as was just taking that from someone else’s post on the prior page. I can see how it’s condescending but all the extra padding in that post was very much intended to lay out my stance, not punch down. Think the leap from you saying wind it in to inferring I thought everyone was an idiot to riding on the freak train was a little more pass-agg than humorous. Appreciate that’s your nature and I shouldn’t get wigged out about it but it does sometimes come off as overly strong and my dukes go up automatically in defence. (cf. Aerosmith too) As you rightly say, if we all didn’t have our opinions-masquerading-as-fact to cling to, there would be a lot fewer posts. No harm no foul.
  5. Hm, that’s a surprising descent of the red mist. Has someone mentioned Aerosmith to you today?
  6. Yeah hypothetical slot guessing aside, this encouraged me to go back to Lost In The Dream after a couple years away. Woof. What an album. Would love to see them on the farm, wherever they may roam.
  7. Yeah, or this. Set the mood for... Elbow.
  8. I think there's a very fan-goggled reading of TWOD's size to compare them to Vampire Weekend, Tame Impala and Beck (who have had actual crossover hits and post sales in the millions) or The National (who've had a sustained run of getting bigger album by album and were on for an R.E.M. style leap to the big leagues, though they've failed to stick the landing so far) Crucially, The National and Tame Impala made the leap when momentum was behind them. TWOD had one big breakthrough album that will be eight years old when 2021 rolls around, and the follow-up kept the embers glowing but didn't have the same impact. Indie acts that sub the Other tend to have racked up Radio 1 plays (Two Door, Jamie T, Courteneers, Chvrches) and TWOD don't even have that. They're more along the lines of Father John Misty, Mac DeMarco, Phoenix, Sigur Rós, Fleet Foxes or even Belle & Sebastian / The Charlatans style heritage indie rock – top 2 JP or top 3/4 Other. Again, I'm a fan. But subbing the Pyramid is silly talk.
  9. (Was anyone there for TWOD's stint opening the Pyramid in 2014? Imagine it went down well)
  10. Much as I love 'em, The War on Drugs are a JP sub. HAIM feels a near-lock top 3/sub now though.
  11. This is a really good point. If anything, BMTH’s moment has waned. Not a dramatic sag, but that momentum that usually carries a new headliner to the top is absent. When they smashed the sub slot before Metallica at R+L in 2015, it felt like they were nailed-on as future headliners. Now I think sub is the best they’d get for R+L; maybe even Radio 1 tent headliners. They actually fell a place at Glasto last year, and had a fairly thin turnout (though not their home turf). Their date at APE didn’t sell out, right? You can argue the toss about a beef vs Copping, but there is a question of whether it’s self-defeating for BMTH to pass up any offers that might have been made after they were asked to bump for Rammstein. Five Finger are a dubious prospect in some ways but they seem to still be rising in popularity.
  12. I think there’s every chance next year is BMTH, Maiden and another (Rage?) But there’s a fractional chance we’ll see BMTH and FFDP leading the line in 2022. One cautious boost will be as good as it gets.
  13. Yeah I've got to agree with this. Spent a chunk of yesterday looking at Download bills from recent years, and ATDR/Frank Carter/Gojira/Rise Against are such profoundly more exciting acts to have on main than, idk, Slash, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Black Stone Cherry. And if you're going to have subs from the 90s, Deftones and Korn are as strong and legit as you can get. And yes, the headliners this year leave a lot to be desired. KISS can do one, Biffy are a hard sell to the faithful and SOAD don't have their heart in it, sadly. It's a weaker than average trio on the face of it, for reasons. But the undercard is great. There's so much bloat with the heritage hard rock/metal that Download relies on, and 2021 has a good amount of bite instead. Got to respect it and look to the future.
  14. Not impressed by guesses of BFMV as second stage headliners. Just feels so done, especially against KISS. Distillers and Dropkicks will be a great combo. Hoping that's a winning prediction. Any Friday night option after Electric Wizard will be tough, but rowdy punk > scorching darkness > rowdy punk would be fun few hours.
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