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  1. Yeah, it's a bit painful to watch. Need more clarity and fast.
  2. I could see SOAD and Maiden carrying over, with Rage to fill in for KISS who I hope will sack it off.
  3. Fucking balls. At least now they can drop KISS for next year though. Silver linings.
  4. A quality review, obviously overflowing with love and probably a few other things in the bloodstream, but we'll allow him the lack of editing as he really gets to the heart of it. For a diehard to be saying that was the career pinnacle: then you know it was the real deal.
  5. Not to keep harping on about The Cure, but this was something that truly translated in the air that night. We're all conditioned to see a 'good' crowd as people raised on shoulders, singalongs, waves of pogoing dancers. The Cure's set was rare in that the crowd was fairly static, but the appreciation for the set was getting more and more pronounced as it went on. An expanse of people sucked into what they were doing on stage, even for the sprawling dark ones. Then, the release of joy in the encore was spine-tingling, and a wave of wet eyes when Bobby struggled to hold it together at the close of 'Boys Don't Cry.' Wish the Beeb had dropped the requirement to constantly film the crowd every few seconds. Loads of shots of kids and parents totally in the zone, crushing on their goth overlords hard, transfixed. It's not the same as when Blur or Muse step up. It was mass hypnotism, musically and atmospherically, and that's why it was so exceptional an experience.
  6. Yes! This too. I walked away out of boredom early on, can’t for the life of me fathom why.
  7. I go back to this quite a lot, was the year before I started going so nothing from personal memory – just an amazing and super repeatable two minutes. Ballsy setlist for third-headlining the Pyramid that early into your career: front-load all the hits and rely on majority covers. But they deliver it with major fire and get a load of people pogoing to Lead Belly before abruptly signing off. Ultra slick. Oh to have this Jack back and not the flabby/proggy/strung-out version.
  8. We've all been there. Reznor certainly has.
  9. Bloody hell, just now learning NIN headlined the Other. Not sure how that passed me by but wow. Must have been the last heavy band of that size in a big slot until...QOTSA in 2011?
  10. All the weekend, my 66-year-old dad – who considers himself very trendy for his age, more likely to be listening to Parquet Courts than Pink Floyd – was unable to process why me and my gf were so buzzed to finally see Bobby and the lads. "They're so old, all their hits were in my day, it's going to be a mopefest"... etc etc. Especially after we went to see the Chems together, he was committed to see out Sunday in a dance tent. I told him we were getting in the inner circle for Vampire Weekend and staying there, and he scoffed. First thing he said on Monday when we met for the ride home: "Watched the whole thing. Yeah. I'm a born-again Cure fan."
  11. As a huge Disintegration fan, hearing the opening 1-2 of Plainsong/Pictures was a punch the air moment, as I knew they'd be leaning heavily on it. But they truly achieved liftoff with In Between Days > Just Like Heaven and from there to the very end it was spellbinding.
  12. Could be anything from this tbh, but I'll go with A Forest which starts at 1hr08. By this point they were categorically in the pocket (even before the hits came out!) – the whole stage turned sickly green, Bob got his shred on and they the bassline running for what felt like forever. Chillingly good.
  13. I can't even look at the screengrab of this without immediately welling up. God-tier performance.
  14. Damn. Rough. It's just going to be one of those hellscape years for the world, and there isn't a thing any of us can do to prevent it. Thanks @StoneCircle for the intel, you're a good soul to let us know early given how much the fest means to all of us 🖤
  15. Cheers. It felt necessary to do, I'm seeing a lot of fingers retroactively being pointed at promoters and guilt being attributed to freelance workers, which I don't feel is useful. That being said, I'm staying the fuck home atm and away from anyone at risk, just in case.
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