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  1. Yes! RHCP, The Who, Janet, Lauryn, Primals, Viva Brother, Blossoms etc etc all correctly stated as drab / phoned-in / wacked out rubbish. But Craig started so well and then fell off a cliff. Made it glaringly more intense once he did a hacky TS5 routine with the wheeled out stage and decks Like a weird evangelical student DJ at Falmouth Uni doing a routine with "Jump Around" and multiple versions of his own (bad) tunes. Corny, dire, waste of a great build-up. Born To Do Shit.
  2. Ddiamondd

    Thom Yorke 2019

    Nailed on. I'd say JP headliner over WH as he'll prefer the dark and have more agency over the mood and that.
  3. Ha yeah, you and me both
  4. Yeah, last month, supported by Sven Väth and Seth Troxler. madness lol Watching them in Detroit headlining Movement surrounded by a coalition of techno veterans, curious ravers and sci-fi geeks - all in 3D glasses, in the shadow of the General Motors plants - was amazing. They even worked in a little cartoon cisual during "Spacelab" where they descended to earth and landed in Detroit, cruising a UFO past the Motown Museum and into a techno party. The crowd was going ballistic. Cute touch. I was doing a bit of digging for a thing on Yellow Magic Orchestra recently and tbh was surprised at how frequently Kraftwerk have toured about the place for the past 15-odd years. They properly get around. You'll get your chance!
  5. You'd be surprised how close that came to happening this year...
  6. I like to try the usual route first and foremost, pay your way and all that, but had rum luck this year. feel bad for my Dad, shut out on the big 5-0 I'll wiggle my way somehow and if so, expect more whistles blown as the time nears
  7. Was on the holding screen, got bounced back to screen of death Agonising.
  8. Before Beyoncé, too. A mismatch so heavy it essentially killed the band.
  9. Ddiamondd

    The Cure

    Made fools out of their xG stats
  10. Ddiamondd

    2020 wishlists

    Amending this to add Billie Eilish subbing Pyramid, Lana Del Rey 3rd on Pyramid (below Billie would be a wicked 1-2), and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds closing out Other on Sunday while Taylor does her thing.
  11. Ddiamondd

    The Cure

    Just stuck this on and got teary eyed within about 0.005seconds of Plainsong starting. It was so, so, so special. Will never forget it.
  12. Ddiamondd

    Nick Cave

    Sunday night closing Other would be brilliant. Similar to QOTSA 2011 and LCD 2016 (hopefully without the rain preceding). A huge crowd of the committed locked in to counter the pop finalé on Pyramid – hit parade setlist, triumph breaking through the gloom.
  13. Kvelertak, selfishly, because I missed them. come on Andy, double down for kicks..
  14. Fair enough. As a first-timer this year, the bill is very up my street. Tick the boxes of loads of big boys that I've never seen before. Definitely recycling older bills but there you go. Would have been cool to see a wildcard like Pixies topping Zippo or subbing mainstage. But I know how limply Smashing Pumpkins were received on a similar tip of past their sell-by-date alt rock Hoping for Mastodon, Converge, Distillers, Pallbearer, Baroness, Kvelertak and a few of that ilk to pad out the next announce(s)
  15. this looks extremely good / optimistic will discount FNM on Zippo as I feel like that's a no-hoper but as for Mastodon... would they be stuck in third? and left off the original announce? guess their career has stalled a touch, but not sure how many big guns are kept back for the second drop
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