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  1. I don't! Someone flashed a conceited 'fallacy' signal in the sky and it was necessary to tamp that chat down. Covid worries been resurgent for a few pages to be fair — spikes really do happen any old time, eh. Anyway: 100%
  2. There's a new variant. You might have read about it. If you're going to cherrypick stats, you might as well go for useful ones. Scotland isn't the entirety of the UK, for a start. There was a spike there in early-mid September — not summer to most people, but anyway — but cases in August were 1k per day. Cases in June were 500-800 per day. Average cases per day since October have been 2.5-3k. How about last year, if you want to eliminate vaccines? Single-figure deaths p/w registered in Scotland between July and September. Up to 2, 3, 400 by the winter. Throwing out all research about transmissibility indoors vs outdoors and the way warm weather blatantly influences where people gather because of one spike, in Scotland, over a single fortnight in 2021, seems a bit daft no? Plenty of factors can influence spikes. Seasonal trends paint an actually accurate figure and I'm afraid they're not in your favour.
  3. Almost like there’s been a vaccination campaign since then? Almost…
  4. Nice one @SwedgeAntilles, cheers for doing this. My list is: 1. Dry Cleaning – New Long Leg 2. Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime 3. Dinosaur Jr. – Sweep It Into Space 4. Gaspard Augé – Escapades 5. Chrissy – Physical Release 6. Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad – Jazz Is Dead 009 (Instrumentals) 7. Xeno & Oaklander – Vi/deo 8. Deafheaven – Infinite Granite 9. Turnstile – Glow On 10. Tirzah – Colourgrade + Narrowly missing out: Squid – Bright Green Field Lone – Always Inside Your Head Snoh Aaelegra – Temporary Highs In The Violet Skies Throttle Elevator Music – Final Floor Cloud Nothings – The Shadow I Remember Dām-FunK – Above The Fray Emma-Jean Thackray – Yellow Sam Gendel – Fresh Bread + plenty of electronic compilations, EPs and reissues I'm sure don't count. Thanks!
  5. Interesting. He's not been in our — given, insular — conversation at all to headline WH. I'd say he's not quite got that draw to finish a day's worth of programming, but I didn't clock the FKA Hammersmith Apollo billing. That's a notch up. Sub or 3rd from top sounds sensible. I did think earlier: perhaps 1pm range on the Pyramid? He's got the chops and crossover appeal to make it work.
  6. Well... that's unambiguous. Great news! Mid-afternoon on West Holts looks a cert.
  7. Yes! Nice one, well remembered — that clears it up. Even a swap of AJ to sub position and Supergrass 3rd or 4th one of the days makes sense. They'll draw a crowd and get people bopping.
  8. Fwiw, we don't know if they were subbing Other. I had it from AJ Tracey's agent that he was either 2nd or 3rd on that Friday. I think Supergrass were perfectly placed either way (especially in an anniversary year given they used to pop up on the Pyramid all the time). But yeah JP headliner looks a good shout now.
  9. (Strengthens my feeling that Supergrass are gonna slide down from the 3rd Other now the surprise/hype of their comeback has waned)
  10. Interesting. Mid-Other, headlining JP or just not there?
  11. Why does Eminem, the largest rapper, not simply eat the others?
  12. Of headlining the Other next year? If they stabilise a bit, sure.
  13. Not being petty, but Beyoncé used Coldplay's show in 2016 to play 'Formation', which had premiered the night before, and launch her Lemonade/HBCU/BLM era. So there's form — ahem — for that sort of thing happening. Kendrick might not attempt quite as brazen a show-steal moment but there's a solid, if not quite likely, chance he lets a snippet of fresh material loose at the biggest televised event of the year.
  14. Yeah, the Super Bowl stint + Day N Vegas + his constant teetering on the edge of new music makes me really not overly worried by Kendrick’s silence. Maybe he wants to do 3 festivals worldwide next year not 30? Fine. Adele had flickering rumours and hints for a while, but until October there was nothing concrete. Now it’s stadium shows, TV specials and the highest selling album of the year with a mere click of the finger. You can keep your cards close and game it to be explosive.
  15. Do(n't) go breaking my heart.
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