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  1. Anyway, Mika at 2pm Other yeah?
  2. As I'm not remotely arsed about getting axed for speaking the truth, let me fill in for this. Thewonderwhy started a thread on Saturday asking if Mika might play the fest off the back of their great Eurovision performance. Someone other unrelated boarder then came in the thread, pissed, and started spamming loads of silly stuff. @Neil, in all his infinite 'wisdom', deleted the thread and banned thewonderwhy — a 15,000+ poster with years of positive contributions on a daily basis, including keeping the stage splits up here — for no reason at all. He just started a thread someone else soiled and copped the blame. (The account making daft posts is unbanned as well, btw) TWW should be reinstated. Else it's yet more scattergun behaviour from a site owner who only serves to cater to the same 100-odd people he recognises from the meet. Everyone else is collateral damage to be insulted or deleted at will. It's sour.
  3. Ddiamondd

    Surprise Ideas

    Great shout @Ryan1984 – that feels like a real in. Aiming to see Primal Scream and will be delighted if they go ahead with a little tribute message on screens or on the mic. Sorry for your loss @Lucy92, but hope you have a great fest and get a surprise (or several) sorted across the weekend.
  4. Ddiamondd

    Diana Ross

    This is a bit of a rub. Mostly great setlist and it's gonna be a party, but missing an all-time top tier 10/10 belter there. Silly.
  5. Ddiamondd

    Kendrick Lamar

    Hm – having a second stab at this. TBAP tour setlists were interesting, as he was touring a new record (an instant classic at that, too), but only played about 3 tunes off it. Let's say Mr. Morale gets a half-dozen. Think Worldwide Steppers won't make the cut, and I suspect United In Grief might not either. If Keem is out on stage then Savior is a natural and great 1-2. Kendrick's also never been one for a lengthy encore. Not that type of performer — and would skip them entirely for many of the early tours. Reckon we'll get an explicitly pro-(self) love ending, so, following that logic: 1. N952. Mr. Morale3. King Kunta4. DNA5. Swimming Pools (Drank) / Money Trees / M.A.A.D City [Medley]6. LOYALTY / ELEMENT [Medley]7. Count Me Out8. Father Time [with Sampha] 9. Backstreet Freestyle10. Savior11. Family Ties [with/without Baby Keem] 12. Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe13. HUMBLE 14. AlrightEncore15. Mother I Share [with Beth Gibbons]16. Mirror17. LOVE
  6. Ddiamondd

    Kendrick Lamar

    Liking the list @Acid_Haze. I suspect we'll get something a little shorter / more cut-up with a smattering of extra guests, myself. Duval Timothy will be in the house band as well. 1. N95 2. Mr. Morale 3. King Kunta 4. Die Hard 5. Swimming Pools (Drank) / Money Trees / M.A.A.D City [Medley] 6. United In Grief 7. Count Me Out 8. Father Time [with Sampha] 9. Backstreet Freestyle 10. Worldwide Steppers 11. LOYALTY / ELEMENT [Medley] 12. Family Ties [with/without Baby Keem] 13. Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe 14. HUMBLE Encore 15. Mother I Share [with Beth Gibbons] 16. DNA 17. LOVE 18. Alright
  7. Ddiamondd

    Kendrick Lamar

    On recent evidence, BBC probably gonna bleep out a whole pro-trans song.
  8. Ddiamondd

    Kendrick Lamar

    Agreed. Rate the artistry and the intent, will probably have a handful plays at most though no matter how much I re-run this. I fast-fwd through the second half of Blame Game too, and MBDTF is a top 5 all-time album for me. It happens.
  9. Ddiamondd

    Kendrick Lamar

    Blanket brigade spitting feathers when Maroon 5 haven't emerged by the third song.
  10. Ddiamondd

    Kendrick Lamar

    All this being said, Mr Morale is closer to Maxinquaye than m.A.A.d city. Bangersville it is not. Hope the new tunes are integrated well in Milan, not overloaded in the middle. Trust they will be tbh, that Vegas set shows Ken knows how to delight a big crowd.
  11. Ddiamondd

    Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick in 2022 is 100% gonna have a more clued-up Glasto crowd than Jay in 2008. The festival dynamics have shifted enough to ensure that. I love Jay to death, and he smashed the set without question, but casuals waving their hands to 99 Problems and Umbrella weren't partisans by any metric — watch the place erupt if/when Ken drops Wesley's Theory or Money Trees or any non-single and that's proof in the pudding. Think you're on a losing wicket assuming the set will brick. He's got more than enough credit in the bank to swerve Gorillaz pt.II
  12. Ddiamondd

    Kendrick Lamar

    Isn't that whole song about the folly of tossing ignorant slang around growing up, how casual homophobia/transphobia is just as corrosive as racism or anything else, spearing himself as a hypocrite (again)? Agreed that f word is challenging, but think the point was made eloquently, especially the last line.
  13. Ddiamondd

    Kendrick Lamar

    Or Radiohead doing Myxomatosis, The Cure doing Disintegration, Jay doing Heart Of The City, Fela doing anything... Not everyone wants to play for the cheap seats. Weirdly narrow stance to think nothing dark/dense can work up there.
  14. Ddiamondd

    Kendrick Lamar

    Whole album is v heavy. I definitely get the Radiohead feel (I mean, I said the same). big Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors energy on the opening two.
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