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  1. I think Aerosmith are going to be a colossal draw. One of the all-time biggest non headliner / legend slot crowds, if the conditions are right The singalongs for Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing and Walk This Way will be heard 100km away
  2. Gotta be honest, I'm not sure where all this Haim as third-from-top chat is coming from. They were 4th on the Other in 2017 and their commercial/critical peak was back in 2013. I know Glasto can be highly generous to fluffy acts, and Swizzle might be bezzies with them, but that seems like an unearned vault up the ranks? If you're looking at that slot in recent years, Haim ≠ Miley, Chic, Ellie Goulding. I'd put them in the Years & Years position, before Diana Ross, and that's being generous.
  3. Harvey and the Downlow would go together like cheese and wine.
  4. If even half of Bauhus, Young Thug, Lana del Rey, Kacey Musgraves, The Strokes, Dinosaur Jr, 100 Gecs, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, The Caretaker, Pavement, Beck, Arthur Verocai, Bikini Kill, Iggy Pop, The National, Tyler and Squarepusher were announced for Glasto, I'd be doing somersaults. Not to mention all the DJs! Very pleased with it. Maybe not the best it's ever been, but it's always great. Got tickets on Pavement alone and can't wait now.
  5. Phonox feels more special/small than it is. Saw HAAi and DJ Nobu there a couple years back and was very happy with how easy the night was. Good amount of space on the floor, great lights, sound is rock solid. Corsica is the boy for me but that can vary. If they have all 3 rooms open it's often unbeatable, but sometimes the programming means a crush in one and dead in the others.
  6. Had the best night I've had in London in a long time at FOLD last month. Was blown away how well done the venue is. The Berghain comparisons are not far off when you consider the 24hr license, the incubating feel and all that. Compared to Printworks and Fabric the accoutrements are significantly more subtle and the crowd less tourist-y. Aphex at Printworks was massive but boy do they like to ram it tight in there. Stringent door checks for all of them. That'll be a constant wherever you go.
  7. Pre-sale of the 3/4 day combo tickets begins Thursday for registered ones like yourself, live to wider public Friday 11am UK. Big Philly Glass on sale then too. Single day passes are sometime in Feb, yet to sort that They go like a shot, fair warning!
  8. This is extremely legit work. As more or less everyone on this forum has solid taste, we often exclude the R1 pop dross when making predictions. But this has a solid amount of crud in amongst the good I would say AJ Tracey and Skepta 3rd/2nd on the Other feels like a lowball. Think Skepta is more likely to be top 3 Pyramid at this point. But that's a small nitpick. Otherwise: checks out!
  9. Damn. I was hoping sundown slot on the Other, have their 'Elbow moment', go on to smash up the Pyramid in 2022. We can dream...
  10. This could mean Isleys come on with Kendrick for "i", so I'm all in for this
  11. Playing after Ellie Goulding and before Coldplay on a rainy Pyramid was a bit of a kiss of death last time, yeah. I really enjoyed it but it would have popped 10x as hard as a build-up to LCD with the right crowd. Give him 75m before Nick Cave headlining the Other and I’m cool with that.
  12. On that note, if anyone is thinking about Dekmantel proper this summer, I'd advise sorting pre-registration... in the next four days. Hint.
  13. I reckon Palmsy is a strong shout for NYCDL. He's done all over the place at Glasto – The Temple in 2015 I wanna say (?), big stages and small takeovers. But his heart's definitely in NYCDL musically/culturally, even if his bookings skew a bit more student circuit / Dekmantel clones
  14. Ddiamondd

    2020 headliners

    Frank is not a Glastonbury headliner – yet. Speaking as a fan, I couldn't see it happening. If people doubt whether 2008 Jay-Z had the hits in his locker, and even some quibble the same about Kendrick now in spite of his titanic influence (and actual smash hits off of DAMN), a shadowy figure on the fringe of RnB is a whole different ballgame. He's no doubt one of, if not the, most influential figures in American pop culture. But we don't share the way they went through Ferguson, #BLM and an overdue queering of the national mindset. Everything tied up in Channel Orange and Blonde hits different for purple-haired teens in Santa Monica, Atlanta or Chicago than it does for the same in York or Birmingham. I think he has everything in him to be the Stevie Wonder or Curtis Mayfield of this generation, if that wasn't already underway. And he would draw a solid crowd, even if he'd bomb on a TV broadcast I think. But it's premature for someone whose influence outside of the US is much milder. Could happen this decade. Would be stunned if they did it now.
  15. Yeah @Madyaker sorry to be clear – he's been announced for 2020, not a set from last year going up. Jamie last did Dek in 2018, but that was just the Selectors stage at Dekmantel Festival. It gets confusing... He didn't authorise that to go out though, sadly.
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