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  1. yeah agree with you there , good chance they could play warm up to one of the headliners though.
  2. Would be well happy with this.
  3. To early in my opinion. Album was only released in February and don't think we will get the FATM one album headliner again. I would have thought a slot around 3rd on the bill may be likely.
  4. That looks a very viable line up. I can see Goldfrapp playing with a full Orchestra just as the sun sets.
  5. Latitude 9 is only 50 weeks away!.... Who do you want to headline? And in reality who do you think will headline? Oh and who deserves the Sunday lunchtime slot?
  6. Kraftwerk now added as a rumour....could be a very interesting year.
  7. The Specials would be amazing!
  8. Lots of great choices there. I agree Editors could well be headlining and also maybe Bloc Party?
  9. Latitude 2013 returns between Thursday the 18th July until Sunday 21st July. Who are you hoping will perform/ play next year?
  10. Are we going to get a free burger and beer to?!
  11. I so hope its not Ed Sheeran.
  12. ....Whoops...yeah good thinking!
  13. Couldn't agree more. I tend to find i watch very little of the music during the day. Roll on Monday!
  14. That would be one hell of a line up!
  15. Cool!....well spotted Mercury.
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