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    Flops 2019

    I came to Glastonbury thinking the line up was excellent for me and so it proved. So the only flop I can think of was taking over 2 hours to get out of the car park especially seeing so many people queue jump.
  2. It can definitely seem like that sometimes and has put me off posting in the past but I generally don't think it's done on purpose or with bad intentions it's more a case of misunderstanding what the other person is trying to say. Body language and tone of voice helps with people being more respectful which sadly is hard to come across in text. There's loads of companies that I personally don't like but that wouldn't determine my opinion of a festival if they were there (unless of course it was the only option).
  3. I knew what you meant. I was kind of confirming what you said. I have met plenty of people who say stuff like your ex colleague, including my nan, who say they don't like it but it comes down to more of a fear of the unknown.
  4. Being autistic and working in the field I know many autistic people love their plain food and most I know definitely aren't brexity.
  5. Bought pot noodles and cuppa soups as well as hand sanitizer with my normal weekly shop and carried it home with a heavy backpack on my back. My festival fitness is coming on nicely.
  6. Very nice what I've heard so far. I am hoping to be there for the Thursday gig.
  7. I camped in Darble in 2016 and had no issues. Would happily camp there again.
  8. ourkid1984


    I'm possibly seeing; Beans on toast Will Varley Squid Boy Azooga Lauran Hibberd All on the Greenpeace stage. Saw a few acts there in 2016 including Will Varley and really enjoyed the area and stage.
  9. Doesn't matter if he's not it will happen if needs be.
  10. Yeah I'm afraid he is. He's happy to be blamed for it if it's apocalyptic.
  11. 2016 was mine and my wife's 1st Glastonbury experience, though we had done plenty of other festivals but it was my dad's 1st ever festival. We all loved it and can't wait to go back no matter what the weather. My dad's been to one other festival since and that was Y Not and that year the festival got cancelled due to the ground/weather conditions. He's a curse.
  12. 2 good Liam Gallagher (fantastic last year at Sziget) Idles 2 bad Marti pellow Janet Jackson
  13. Perfect for an afternoon slot. I think I've scheduled in to see her on her BBC introducing slot.
  14. I love the variety of acts people are planning to see for their headliners. Other years it's seemed like more or less everyone was going to be at the same headline shows but this time there's a nice mix. Mine is most likely to be Frank Turner The Killers The Cure But all of them could change depending on where I am beforehand or what the mood is like.
  15. I love seeing acts in smaller venues than what they would normally be in and it's a reason why I'm loving the lineup so much but some of the placings are strange.
  16. It's a nice surprise that they're on the line up but Sunflower bean booking seems a bit odd to me. Maybe it's my inflated opinion of them but surprised they're not doing another gig somewhere else over the weekend in a bigger venue.
  17. They've probably all been mentioned already but... Squid Amyl and the Sniffers Lauran Hibberd Buzzard buzzard buzzard Sports team
  18. Friday is a nightmare for me I have way too many acts I want to see but whoever I choose to see will be overall better than Saturday or Sunday. The line up is fantastic for me this year.
  19. Oh that's good news. They are excellent! Think they have a Dog Die in Hot Cars vibe to them.
  20. Yeah that would make sense I suppose.
  21. Southampton based artist March, previously known as Kitty O'Neil said that she was playing in the Glade area. If you like Laura Marling then she should be your bag. Can't see her on any of the Glade posters so not sure where she's playing exactly.
  22. I find it sad that people feel the need for a woman only venue at Glastonbury and I don't feel it should be there but that's not because I think it's sexist or anything but because we live in a such a shit state of a country that even in a place like Glastonbury there's enough people that don't feel safe while trying to enjoy entertainment. We should have a festival without any segregation, no matter how small the venue is but if even 1 person needs a safe space then so be it and I am supportive of it. The problem is considering its in an area where people are at their most mashed and when people are mashed tends to be when they use that as an excuse to act out of order how are people that feel unsafe get the benefit from the venue? If I was worried about getting abused I don't think a wander down the south east corner in the early hours would be appealing and that makes the whole sad state of affairs so sad.
  23. For me Jonathan Pie is like an uncle or a family friend down who is down the pub all the time. Funny at times but also times when he says things that are just a bit embarrassing for him really but he's too oblivious to notice or knows he's saying it for laughs. Can't really take his character seriously but if you're a fan great. If you're not then fine. He is a bit of a marmite character.
  24. Long drops being built Love the bizarre excitement For festival poo
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