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  1. I originally heard of them I would say maybe even close to 2 years ago. It was, I think, the first time they had played in Southampton and I was gutted because I couldn't go. Then by coincidence I saw them being mentioned on here by you and was pleased they were making an album and touring. As soon as I saw them playing down here again I was definitely going to go this time especially as the album is so good. I took a mate with me who really liked them and another mate couldn't go but I told him to give them a listen. I wish them well.
  2. That would be me. 😀 The album is fantastic and they are just as good live.
  3. For about 5 years I was struggling. I had reached 30 and felt that I should really be progressing in my career. I felt that if I put in the extra hours and extra effort promotions would come my way. All that happened is I became a yes man, worked lots of extra hours for no extra pay and when I tried to ease off I got threatened with losing my job. The massive stress of that led me being off work for over 3 months with stress. During that time I realised that health is more important than, in my case a little extra money. I also worked out that because I was working so many hours I was wasting money eating and drinking out. In my spare time I was so desperate to make the most of it I'd blow money on nonsense. In January I started a new job with far less hours and far harder to do overtime. I get less money but spend much less and most importantly I feel healthier than I have for a long time. I know for many people doing something like what I've done is not possible but finding time to relax on a regular basis is too important not to do it. I hope you find the right balance for you soon.
  4. That is amazing and nice of the security to do that. What a fantastic last day of the festival.
  5. That is amazing! Hope you got it signed. I bet that was a pain carrying it around so I hope it was worth it.
  6. Really nice guy. I was in a bit of a daze and it was all a whirlwind so just didn't think to ask for me. I have had a photo with him before so at least I've got that. Skinny Lister are so good. Perfect for a festival. We left straight after to hear Fontaines DC. We were sat outside while Lucy Spraggan was on. She sounded like she has improved a lot since a few years ago when I last saw her.
  7. With the drinks prices that was a good deal. LINNES are good and I wish I'd got there quicker after the Cure. Like you I would see them if they came to Southampton.
  8. Haha no probably not. Whoever I saw it was on the Thursday night I think. I went with my wife and dad and although my wife is fairly clued up with acts I like and she likes a fair few of them. My dad is stuck in about 1982 with who he likes but he is happy to give anything a go so I was happy that we all were happy to see Skinny Lister who were fantastic as usual! Here's a picture of my wife and dad with Will Varley. I am gutted I didn't get a picture with him.
  9. I felt bad for him as it just wasn't the right crowd for him. We were in the tent at first but then sat outside where there was quite a large crowd who seemed intent on causing trouble so left before the end.
  10. I probably didn't see Jaz then. The guy who I saw had shorts and a flowery shirt on. Looked a lot like him though. I did but then I got fed up with people responding to me seeing/meeting someone with a "who's that? Never heard of them." But then showing no interest in finding out who they are.
  11. This post has made me realise that I have marked LINNES wrong on my scores. I now remember catching the last song or 2 of theirs before the drag act. It was the drag act I didn't like. I usually love that type of act but wasn't really liking the atmosphere and found them a bit too confrontational.
  12. Oh don't get me wrong I was massively chuffed to have bumped into him. I'm a big Will Varley fan but just consider celebrities to be more well known to the general public. I thought I saw Jaz as well, can't remember which day. Think it was in the Avalon area.
  13. I was very close to the front in the rabbit hole and it seemed rammed. Even after the gig I tried getting out and it was a bit of a struggle. It was immense. Great end to the festival.
  14. I'm not exactly young and not really a fan of dance music although I do like bits and pieces but I quite like Silver Hayes. It reminds me of chilled out dancey areas at European festivals and it's better when it's sunny. I like that it's close to most of the main stages and yet it's quieter than most other areas and I like that there is a variety of music on offer. On one afternoon between seeing acts at BBC introducing I saw or heard snippets of Self Esteem, a reggae/roots singer and DJ sets. There was plenty of seats and plenty of shade. It's an ideal stop off place.
  15. Wednesday Mik Artistk - Crossiant Neuf Bandstand 7 Thursday The Portraits - Toad Hall 6 Beans on toast - Greenpeace stage 7(would of been higher if it wasn't so crowded) Will Varley - Greenpeace stage 8 3 Daft Monkey's - Avalon cafe 7 Friday The Vaccines - Other stage 8 Ryan McMullen - Acoustic stage 6 (saw about half of set) Rob Green - Acoustic stage 6 Grace Petrie - Acoustic stage 8 Sheryl Crow - Pyramid 7 Sundara Karma - Williams Green 7 Idles - Park 9 Magic Numbers - Avalon 8 Frank Turner - Avalon 9 Saturday Squid - Williams Green 8 Proclaimers - Pyramid 8 Sports Team - Williams Green 8 Ed the Dog - BBC introducing 7 Lizzo - West Holt's 8 Liam Gallagher - Pyramid 9 The killers - Pyramid 9 Funke and the two tone baby - Avalon cafe 5 Sunday Buzzard buzzard buzzard - BBC introducing 8 Lauran Hibberd - BBC introducing 7 Lucy Spraggan - Avalon 7 Skinny Lister - Avalon 9 Fontaines DC - Left Field 7 (sat down by the charging place but sounded really good. Convinced me to go to the Rabbit hole show) Billie Ellish - Other 6 (saw about half of set, was in a poor area). Vampire Weekend - Pyramid 8 (saw about half of set, wished I'd seen all of it). The Cure - Pyramid 9 Liines - Bread and Roses 5 DJ Nick Glyn - Rabbit hole 2 Fontaines DC - Rabbit hole 9
  16. I'm not usually an emotional person or I don't know how to regulate my emotions but festivals and especially Glastonbury really gets to me. I had lots of moments but here are some that stand out. On the Wednesday after seemingly waiting ages for the fire and fireworks I had a lump in my throat when the huge bird like structure fell into the fire. It really felt like the start of the festival. On Thursday there was a few moments, getting out of my tent for the first time and looking out over the site, around the healing/craft fields, stone circle for extinction rebellion, but the moment which has already been mentioned was Beans on toast doing Jamie and Lily. We walked right around from the bar on the left to the right, almost behind the stage to try and get a half decent spot to hear it. We couldn't see anything but hearing and seeing the crowds reaction when Jamie came just got to me. Thankfully managed to see the last couple of songs and get a front row spot for will Varley who was excellent. Friday I saw Frank Turner while my dad and wife went to see Stormzy, got a good spot to the right of the stage. At the start of the gig there was a woman who seemed to be drunkenly chatting to strangers who seemed to not appreciate her talking however another woman passed me and stood next to the other woman. The other chatty woman said something in her ear with a smile and then gave her a big hug. The not so chatty woman then broke down in years but clearly happy years. A bloke next to me then allowed crying woman to stand in front of him at the barriers, more tears ensued. That got me emotional and added to the already incredible atmosphere. I found out after the gig the chatty woman was randomly saying kind things to people. I had a few other moments which ended with Fontaines DC at rabbit hole. After the excellent gig I came over all euphoric and must of looked like I was on a severe trip as I grinned and giggled all the way back to the tent. Just as I got close to my tent there was a wasted bloke sat on the pathway. I spoke to him to see if he was ok and although he responded a bit I went to get help. I was so happy to see the campsite crew coming down to check on him making me realise what a fantastic job people do on site. I got back into my tent a proceeded to chat the ears of my wife who was patiently listening even know she was driving us back home a few hours later. I got no sleep as I was reliving all my moments.
  17. ourkid1984

    Flops 2019

    That is madness. 2 hours isn't bad compared to that.
  18. Fontaines DC (rabbit hole) Idles (Park) Skinny Lister (Avalon)
  19. Agree with both but think idles could do a bigger stage. Others I'd add are Lizzo (obviously), Fontaines DC (saw their set at Leftfield and it looked packed), Buzzard buzzard buzzard (BBC introducing, good front man and catchy songs), Gerry Cinnamon (gave up even bothering to get near the tent).
  20. I think I saw Shappi Khorsandi, Definately saw Caroline Lucas during the Proclaimers and Dynamo during Liam Gallagher. Wouldn't say he's a celebrity but bumped into Will Varley on his way up to Strummersvile to see Frank Turner after we had failed to get in.
  21. Only my 2nd Glastonbury but I absolutely loved it. I like hot weather anyway and also I'm used to going to festivals abroad that tend to be even hotter and do well so the heat of Glastonbury was perfect weather. I saw the majority of acts at smaller stages that, apart from Beans on toast at Greenpeace, Idles in the Park, Frank Turner at Avalon and Fontaines DC at the rabbit hole all had decent space in decent areas. I can't think of one act that disappointed although for the few songs I saw of Billie Ellish I was in a poor spot at the side of the stage by the path towards Leftfield. I could only see half the screen and not much of the stage and there was just loads of kids just playing on their phones. That aside everything was fantastic. The atmosphere seemed really good, acts were good and some were top notch, food was amazing. There were less dicks. I put it down to more water being drunk and less alcohol and/or drugs. Don't get me wrong I drink a fair bit and have used drugs before but some people do sometimes have way too much.The only time I saw people peeing on the land was at the most pointless place as it was right next to the urinals at the back of the pyramid. Apart from that my wife told me that there was a fight at Stormzy and in the Bread and Roses bar after the Cure there was a group who seemed to be trying to start trouble. So many good memories.
  22. I was camping by the wall next to hospitality camping near the John peel stage and there was people removed from site because of suspected robberies and they didn't appear to have wrist bands. They said that a friend of theirs was working on site don't know if that bit was true but I suppose that could be a way in.
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