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  1. Oh that's good news. They are excellent! Think they have a Dog Die in Hot Cars vibe to them.
  2. Yeah that would make sense I suppose.
  3. Southampton based artist March, previously known as Kitty O'Neil said that she was playing in the Glade area. If you like Laura Marling then she should be your bag. Can't see her on any of the Glade posters so not sure where she's playing exactly.
  4. I find it sad that people feel the need for a woman only venue at Glastonbury and I don't feel it should be there but that's not because I think it's sexist or anything but because we live in a such a shit state of a country that even in a place like Glastonbury there's enough people that don't feel safe while trying to enjoy entertainment. We should have a festival without any segregation, no matter how small the venue is but if even 1 person needs a safe space then so be it and I am supportive of it. The problem is considering its in an area where people are at their most mashed and when people are mashed tends to be when they use that as an excuse to act out of order how are people that feel unsafe get the benefit from the venue? If I was worried about getting abused I don't think a wander down the south east corner in the early hours would be appealing and that makes the whole sad state of affairs so sad.
  5. For me Jonathan Pie is like an uncle or a family friend down who is down the pub all the time. Funny at times but also times when he says things that are just a bit embarrassing for him really but he's too oblivious to notice or knows he's saying it for laughs. Can't really take his character seriously but if you're a fan great. If you're not then fine. He is a bit of a marmite character.
  6. Long drops being built Love the bizarre excitement For festival poo
  7. This is one I did when I paid my balance this year Two hundred pounds spent Glastonbury fest I come bill I love paying
  8. Yeah I suppose I meant I can't bank on being allowed the time off. I work within a small specialist provision which has it's own specialist staff which is great but means there's less options for cover if I have the time off.
  9. Having just started working at a school and absolutely loving it I don't see myself quitting my job to go to Glastonbury even though for me Glastonbury is in a league of it's own when it comes to festivals. I knew when taking the job that for as long as I'm in this job I am very unlikely to be able to go to Glastonbury again so this year I am really going to make the most of it. If I was in a job that didn't require being there in late June/early July then I would find it really hard to understand why an organisation wouldn't give the time off. It's not like Glastonbury is over a peak time of the year for time off and because of the need to try for tickets so long before the festival it means there's loads of notice and therefore even less reasons for the leave not to be granted so if that was the case then I would at least look for a new job and want out ASAP.
  10. I'm loving what I've heard from Squid, Thyla, Woahnows, Du Blonde and Uranium club.
  11. ourkid1984

    Avalon lineup 2019

    That would be ideal.
  12. ourkid1984

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Surely Frank Turner will be playing another stage as well which will presumably ease the crowd congestion at Avalon.
  13. I reckon 2 to 3 announcements a week. That should take it up to end of May/early June and then full line up with times.
  14. ourkid1984

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Such a good line up. I'm now fearing serious clashes all over the site.
  15. I went through the Silver Hayes line up and added acts I'd be interested in seeing to my playlist and got a new tent.
  16. Loving the Fontaines DC album. I was worried the songs would lose something compared to the live versions but not a bit of it.
  17. C'Mere was the first song that sprang to mind but so many to choose from.
  18. Never fight a man with a perm
  19. Saw Jeph at a free day festival in Guildhall square the other week. I really liked them as well.
  20. Saw Sports team a couple of weeks ago and I thought they were fantastic. My favourite gig so far this year. Would definitely be up for checking out again.
  21. 3 deposits and 3 paid.
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