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  1. I expect it to be similar to BST as the same people run it. Expect bag and body searches but they are normally efficient and move people through quickly. Mind you when LCD did Lovebox a couple of years ago there was a thorough bag search and body search and dogs to boot, which were unavoidable.
  2. Confirmed for 11/13 Jan 2019. Went last year and loved it. It’s quite low key but some pretty cheap prices available now.
  3. 15 June, according to an email I’ve just received. Also dates in Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester apparently
  4. Hurts are playing the main stage according to the blurb. Pleased to be going back this year. Outside of the APE stuff it’s my favourite lineup of the year.
  5. I’m thinking this as well. But it’s got camping so could they get rid of everyone in time for a stand-alone Sunday show. Doubtful IMO
  6. Another gig where it’s gonna be over £100 to be nowhere near the front. Sad times.
  7. Great line up for me. Will seriously consider going back after giving it a miss last year.
  8. My guess is Chvrches, Flo and Snow Patrol. All as at least “English” festival exclusives.
  9. Plan B is around. He could play as long as he picks an appropriate set list....
  10. Arcade Fire in the states Latitude w/e so any slim chance of them appears to have evaporated
  11. This year so far only The Cure offer a chance to get to the front with a GA ticket - if you get there early enough and get a wristband from the stewards at the front section. The other shows all have Golden or even Diamond sections which means your GA ticket will get you nowhere near the front with a huge swathe of nothing in front of you for most of the day. Absolute rip off.
  12. If anyone has never been there before. If you want to get to the front for The Cure day you must get there early and go straight to the front section. They give out wristbands there. Once you have a wristband you can come and go as you please. You won’t get down the front later without a wristband.
  13. Catfish, Gorillaz, Snow Patrol - how grim would that be. David Byrne might make an appearance and save the day mind. APE look like they’ve wrecked Latitude this year.
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