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    drink drugs n sausage rolls....free hugs x<br />roll on the good times !!!<br />http://www.bebo.com/VictoriaG647
  1. haha seriously?!?! fs...go vent in the glasto board then! xD

  2. hahaha ive been banned fae posting in the T board !!!

  3. ano its crazy....he has even deleted the thread that u made about juice terry being kicked out where i had tried to make an intelligent point but he just totally ignored it...says it all

  4. zlatan pal hes an ass hes talking to us like c**ts ..donno why i think he is a knob we should just all ignore him now ...i cant believe the mod has said all this...i wanna print all what hes said of and send it TO T and then he might have a law suit on his hands !!

  5. hey pal...what the hell was going on earlier with all the posts being blocked etc? was reading through them. cant believe the the guy that runs the website was saying all that crap...unbelievable...if i had been on i woulda backed u up :P

  6. cant belive they have banned ya mate hope u come back !!!

  7. monkey balls to u tokely ...lol

  8. ha ha love the name ...you scratching like a bad case of the crabs lol

  9. hey hey added u as a pal ya runrig fan lol

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