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  1. EmsieXxX

    Resale Club 2019

    Hi guys haven't checked in for a while do we have an official resale date ?? 😊
  2. The amount of people on twitter fuming and saying what a waste of their money from ONE ACT being announced is INFURIATING me. They don't deserve the F*#@in tickets!!!!! 😠
  3. EmsieXxX

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    I do think see aren't coping with it now due to the extremely high volume of people trying. I was Successful in 4 previous years but not the last two
  4. EmsieXxX

    Resale Club 2019

    Hi guys. Please welcome me 😪 went to 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Absolutely gutted I failed to get tickets for 2017. And I've had a repeat again today. Seems to be getting harder and harder. I did nothing different to what I did every other year. Need help and advice for April. Didn't go for it last time as I went to ibiza instead that year x
  5. EmsieXxX

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Thanks wish i had that this morning. hopefully help for the resale. have never needed it before 2016/17 have always just been lucky
  6. EmsieXxX

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    can you recommend the extension? i think i am going to have to go down this route after two consecutive failed years now on the trot been successful for four years previous to that with no extensions.
  7. EmsieXxX

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Most depressing year ever. I only got to holding page on laptop about 4 times. but then when i thought it was changing to booking page it crashed. Others i know got to card details pressed buy tickets and crashed. absolutely brutal. My daughter was on the holding page the whole 37 minutes and it never changed or got in. :( I don't know anyone from my group who got any for the first year ever.
  8. EmsieXxX

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Good luck everyone! Has anyone posted any different URLs from thursdays sale? 🤤
  9. I just got loads of siblin emails
  10. I've just got out the gym where I have no signal on my phone to loads of notifications, has anything actually gone on sale?!
  11. Imperial leisure are TBC I think? Must of self confirmed? They're great! I saw them at a small festival close to home in Cornwall last year!
  12. Totally agree, I've got through two or three times in secret sales. I have email notifications set up for page changes to my iPhone, and I set it thru may so that email notifications come up on the lock screen and as soon as I've seen a page change I've got on and got them.
  13. Oh! Yes last year i mean! was roughly 5 weeks before.... and it was defo midweek i remember that
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