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  1. Got mine 7.03pm got a page if still available and anyone needs help?
  2. Laptop on Chrome never even got holding page! Phone on 4g holding page the whole time, 7 year old iPad two tabs on safari both on the holding page! Constantly refreshing one tab and got through at 9.20am so happy not been since 2016. I did exactly the same this year as I always do. I think there is no tactic
  3. Thanks!! We r thinking of dropping the girls and tents in white, then checking out space in brown to see if we can shave off the distance to arena.... But don't wanna be too surrounded by the "younguns partying" and get no sleep....
  4. How long is the walk from white campsite to the arena each day?? Not been for 10 years! And camped between brown and purple last time! but with teenage daughter and friend wanted the quietest site..... Also arriving hopefully around 10am tomorrow will white campsite be ok for space?
  5. There are still some good people about
  6. I was lucky enough for someone who didn't need theirs anymore to sell me one at face value and post it recorded next day delivery
  7. Did you find any options?? Also do you know how much parking was originally?
  8. Only ever been to reading once in 2009. I camped in brown that year. Coming with my daughter for her first reading and going to camp in white, need parking, or to know where the fuck else we can park now it's sold out?
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