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  1. Titters

    Nice Surprises

    Ah, If I'd known you could have bought me a pint. #Avoidance
  2. Titters

    Banning Picnic Chairs

    Who was there for the Great Chair Influx at Springsteen in 2008. Trying to leave was like taking on the Grand National. A request for chairs to be kept to outside the sound stages seems totally reasonable to me. Would definitely help the flow of people between acts
  3. Titters

    Nice Surprises

    Future Islands. Way better than I hoped. And Avalanches, after last year's debacle of a DJ set...
  4. Titters

    Your Glastonbury Song 2017

    Justice - We are your friends. Very, very special. @H.M.V and @Keithy know.
  5. Titters

    Iffy Turnouts

    Tragedy, surely?
  6. Titters

    Dick move of your festival......

    I am happy that I missed pretty much all this behaviour this weekend. Bit of chat at RHead, but nothing to take from the show. I did spot a chap taking a slash against a long drop door... And I'm pretty sure the long drop itself was empty. That may have been down to excess... Also, my own efforts at RTJ on getting inside the front barrier, stuck at the centre of a forming mosh pit... I had bitten off more than I could chew. Good fun though.
  7. Titters

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    Replace water points with fridges with chilled tonic water across the site. Allow anyone born in August 1980 to drive on site to drop tent off on Wednesday. Chair only areas. Such areas to have terrible views and sound bleed. TBAs to be announced. Crow's Nest to renamed Badger set and placed lower on the hill. Additional 4 hours added to each day allocated to sleep.
  8. Titters

    Distance walked

    83 miles. But my back and feet are nowhere near the mess they were the past couple of years. I'm either fitter (nah) or mud and welly free is the dream I always hoped it would be.
  9. Titters

    Top 5 Acts

    In no order... Justice for closing an amazing weekend in amazing style. British Sea Power for being the class act, genuine bunch they are. Radiohead for the feels. Nadine Shah for passion. Future Islands for getting the party started! Honourable mentions - Jon Hopkins DJ at Arcadia. What a set, and a great crowd. Confidence Man in Crow's Nest. That messed up pair know how to get a crowd going. Avalanches and Whitney also stuck in my mind.
  10. Titters

    Overheard funnies

    "And we found him passed out, only half in his tent, naked from the waste down" Someone went big on Thursday.
  11. Titters


    The queue was back to the railway line just as it opened on Saturday - though I don't think the zig zag barriers were being used at that point. Some were probably queueing for half hour before opening.... (Needlessly, and while Genosys was fully active)
  12. Titters

    The size of the crowds

    Did anyone see how much of a crowd BBK pulled last night?? I've nearly heard them mentioned, but interested to hear how the pretty bold placement went for them, hope they got a good turnout.
  13. Titters


    What a party. One of the best closers I've had to a festival. The sound on WH certainly helps.
  14. Titters

    Campsite Flags...watcha got this year folks?

    I'm a flag
  15. Titters

    Best act you've seen on...

    Pyramid - Faithless 2002 Other - Chemical Bros 2007 West Holts - Hot Chip 2015 Acoustic - Riptide Movement 2014 John Peel - Doves 2009 The Park - CSS 2008 Dance Tent - Probably !!! in 2007... So much so... The Glade - !!! 2007 Left Field - Dan Le Sac v Scroobius Pip 2014