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  1. Titters

    Lawks! It's only the 2019 Next Announcement Thread!

    Front page news on the Evening Substandard, so a bit of coverage in the smoke. Probably picked up by Metro tomorrow too.
  2. Titters

    2019 Headliners

  3. Titters

    so, Stormzy then...?

    My mum doesn't know who Stormzy is, but she confirmed that fact via What's App. So half cool. She's also taken the chance to share a link for cheap contact lenses. Mums, eh.
  4. If the mud does show up, some parts of the site really struggle. Silver Hayes and The Park are probably the worst? Bella's Bridge is a slippy obstacle to negotiate and, for whatever reason, inside of the Avalon Inn and part of the John Peel tent become sticky, swampy messes. In 2007 My then girlfriend got stuck in the mud round by JPT. Walking through mud, one welly stuck, then the other. Had to be lifted out by some kind strangers. We had a long chat on the Saturday morning, going home was a serious consideration - but then resolved that we couldn't fix the weather, so we changed expectations and realised it's all in the noggin. If you've got waterproofs and can get past having soggy hands and eating slightly diluted meals, you can still have a good time. I think most people (not @bennyhana22) will generally reassess plans and skip a few acts to save the drag between stages (and foot pain), not a lot more can be done. Booze also helps - unless it's at fally over levels, then it definitely doesn't.
  5. Titters

    Hot Chip

    I bloody love Hot Chip. That 2015 set was such a party.
  6. Titters

    2019 Headliners

    I saw 4our on the Cea Shore?
  7. Titters


    SORRy. Junior badge holder over here. She even had her name emblazoned up on the screens. Some pounding techno completely talked over by the crowd. I think those down the front enjoyed it.
  8. Titters

    2019 Headliners

    I see your point. But my wife likes her pop and felt Take That were not the same act when they toured without Robbie as part of their comeback. Those that grew up with them will feel that they're not getting a full authentic experience. I can't vouch for the Westlifers after McFadden went solo.
  9. Titters


    Seems eFests were well represented at Brixton on Friday. The sound difference between KLO (and Haai) and JH was enormous. But she still played a solid set.
  10. Titters

    2019 Headliners

    Also, as I missed it earlier. I'm in the mood for Dhansak.
  11. Titters

    2019 Headliners

    There's also an authenticity issue here - are they even the Spice Girls without Victoria in the ranks. There's been discussion about whether Queen count as Queen with Adam Lambert doing vocals, and the whole New Order debacle - this would just be another example of a band name becoming a brand, regardless of the membership. Ahem.
  12. Titters

    The best trolley

    Smarter move: get someone else on carrying duty.
  13. 2016 was brilliant. All these people looking clean with clothes that hadn't gathered a layer of baked mud. And us looking like characters from a Cotman McCarthy novel.
  14. Titters

    Your favourite bar at Glastonbury?

    Gentle heads up: I popped in for a tipple on Sunday last year,the chaps running it were saying they were thinking of calling it a day.