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  1. Initial reaction: KPop. Pondering: Gaga Vegas Show. Overthinking: Cirque du soleil Love show with McCartney playing live + holograms.
  2. Totally agree. Couldn't get into the Wormhole, queues were huge every time I went by. The undercard was very strong to - Emma Jean Thackeray and Ishmael Ensemble both had very strong sets - recommend both if you're a jazz cat.
  3. I thought it felt the same as previous years - there were probably a few more imbalances this year though - Kylie and Miley being the big one. After hours felt like the crowds were more spread out than usual, though partly down to IICON and increased capacity down SEC.
  4. Titters

    Emotional moments

    Holly Wellington, vocalist for Ishmael Ensemble, managed to do the set despite being a significant way through Chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. She spoke about how much being at the festival meant for her, and thanked the people supporting her and making it possible to get on site to do the set. And she was excellent too. More here: https://www.bustle.com/p/musician-artist-holysseus-fly-on-how-she-coped-with-a-breast-cancer-diagnosis-at-25-18012980 There were a lot of dewey-eyed moments over the weekend, but nothing came close to that.
  5. +1 for the water kiosks. Brilliant. Wish I'd used them more of the Friday. Changes to SEC (and possibly more room in Pangea) seemed to result in (reports of) smaller queues? I wasn't down there, spending my nights at the Park, but didn't hear many complaints.
  6. I missed Lizzo for Low, and have zero regrets. A band I've wanted to see for a long time delivered the set of the weekend for me. Complicated, layered, heartfelt... Goosebumps for an hour. Hot Chip delivered. And for my third I'll plump for Ishmael Ensemble - up against Kylie in Croissant Neuf they were never going to get a large crowd - but a very assured and emotional performance. I've got a tin ear for predicting acts with a big future, but I hope to see them play a bigger stage with a supportive crowd in the future. Shout out to Snapped Ankles in Crows Nest for one of the most bonkers hours I've had on the site.
  7. Titters

    Is It Too Hot?

    I managed to give myself heatstroke and took to my bed early on Friday which was very annoying. My own fault - I was trying to make sure I was drinking water, but clearly didn't drink enough. Spent Saturday day under a makeshift shelter at the tent, so missed bumbling but not too many bands - once the edge had gone out of the sun just after 4, I was, thankfully, back on my feet. However, I have reserved a special place in hell for the two girls that hogged one of the South Park water taps for well over 10 mins on Saturday at noon, so they could wash their hair.
  8. One last time for the almanac: See you on the farm gang. It has been a ball.
  9. Meg is happy with the state of the Worcestershire countryside's ground.
  10. Titters

    2019 New Music

    Cheers Robin - should you spot it and get chance to share I'll keep an eye out... Would be great to raise a glass.
  11. Titters

    2019 New Music

    Have they confirmed where this is happening? I'm not on Facebook.....
  12. Titters

    Milk Alternatives

    You could tweet @GlastoMilk to ask if there's any being carried on their morning rounds. Milky Milky!
  13. Great work again @briddj Do you reckon this is the storms that are forecast, rather than being a band of rain being blown in? If it's the former, I'm guessing it could land anywhere...?
  14. Updated table of pre fest rain. Looks.... alright to me!
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