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  1. I wonder if The 1975 are lined up for this. An announcement on Monday would tie in with them playing The Hydro on Sunday night. I would’ve previously said they were too big for a venue of this size but given they’ve played Glasgow 3 times in the last year and still have standing tickets available for their arena show on Sunday, it might be an ideal size for a sell out.
  2. Only having 4 female acts on the Main Stage over the weekend isn’t a good look.
  3. I wouldn’t be so sure, they’ve never returned to a past venue before and they did Camperdown Park a few years back.
  4. I almost didn’t use the Rita Ora example because I thought someone would bring this up but given the post in question challenged that people were going to the festival for other non-headline acts (Foals, Ian Brown) who are yet to sell out their day, the comparison stands. Even if you were wanting to stick solely to guitar bands, there are plenty available who could’ve been included on the initial lineup. It’s a huge oversight from DF to not have included more given they’ve had similar reaction to lineup announcements previously when they included more women than what they announced this year!
  5. You mean the same festival which saw Sigrid pack out the Main Stage last year (on the same day headlined by Catfish & the Bottlemen) and has Rita Ora as one of just 3 acts announced on the sole day which has sold out. One of the things TRNSMT (and T before) always prided itself on was having a varied lineup. Pop, R&B and hip hop have always had a place at TRNSMT, it’s never been just an exclusively guitar band lineup.
  6. Alphabeat Be Charlotte Billie Eilish Bossy Love Carly Rae Jepsen Caroline Polachek Charli XCX Confidence Man Dua Lipa Ellie Goulding Free Love Georgia Kate Nash Ke$ha Little Mix Lizzo Robyn Shura Solange Sugababes Superorganism Taylor Swift Texas Tove Lo Zara Larsson Just some of the female acts/acts with females in Geoff Ellis could’ve booked who are doing the rounds next Summer. I hope at least some of these are included in the next announcement to balance things out.
  7. Billie Eilish has just announced a European arena tour with no Scottish date and the Sat/Sun of TRNSMT free...
  8. I think if DF are going to book Taylor, they’ll give her a separate show using the TRNSMT setup, similar to what Bruno Mars has a few years ago.
  9. I can’t get over the same people on this thread week after week craving for bands who would never play this festival in a million years while moaning about bands who realistically could. If the last few years of lineups haven’t been for you, maybe try another Festival than pinning your hopes on TRNSMT catering for just you?
  10. With The 1975 smashing their Summer Sessions set on Saturday and a new album on its way in February, I think they’re a shoo-in to headline TRNSMT next year. They’ll probably need a strong undercard though given they’ve already sold 40,000 tickets in Glasgow alone in the last 6 months. I don’t think they’ll book Gerry next year. TRNSMT has been a key part in his meteoric rise but I think he’s reaching a level now where most people who want to see him have seen him and he won’t be a strong enough draw as headliner. I think a few nights at Edinburgh Summer Sessions is more likely. I’ve said it on here before but I think they will have a big focus on female acts next year too to strive for 50/50 gender lineups. Friday - Biffy Clyro / Billie Eilish / HAIM Saturday - The 1975 / Lana Del Rey (special guest) / Two Door Cinema Club Sunday - Paolo Nutini / Tom Walker / Lizzo
  11. This has happened to me quite a few times but I can’t help but feel that this is a recent thing. What would drive you to take your phone out to record a stranger having a good time at a pop concert? What would you achieve from that? A sense of accomplishment? A few Likes and Retweets if you upload it to Twitter? A couple of hundred YouTube views? Because I know what I got from it - absolutely nothing but putting a dampener on my spirits. People go to concerts and festivals to have a good time. Let people enjoy themselves in whatever way they want, be that singing their hearts out, dancing like their drunk uncle at a rave or standing back and enjoying the music. Just because someone’s definition of having a good time looks funny to you, that doesn’t give you permission to record them and upload it for the world to see. That video is now out with my control. It could be on the Internet right now, in a Whatsapp group chat somewhere or receiving hundreds of Likes on Twitter and I wouldn’t even know. All because, god forbid, I was singing along and dancing at a pop concert. I’ve seen more and more of this sort of video on social media over the last few years, of people singing and dancing at festivals and gigs. Why do we find it entertaining? It’s usually “look at this fat man jumping around!” or “here’s a straight man who knows every word at the Lady Gaga concert!”. If someone is enjoying themselves, let them enjoy it. They are not there to be a source of entertainment or ridicule for you and your friends. Just because you can’t or haven’t experienced that sort of enjoyment in life doesn’t mean you need to ruin it for others. Let people enjoy themselves how they want to. Gigs and festivals should be a safe space to be yourself and enjoy them. Please don’t ruin that for all of us for the sake of 15mins of social media fame.
  12. I went along on Saturday after something of a last minute decision to buy a ticket and had a belter of a day. I’d read reactions from Friday around “war zones” in the surrounding streets so feared the worst from the clientele. Took us about 40mins to get in (we arrived at 12:15, Templeton Building entrance) but apart from witnessing a ridiculous amount of underage drinking during what seemed an inappropriate school fashion show, there wasn’t much to report Managed to see a good few bands across the day on all 3 stages. Despite how young the crowd felt around the festival, it never felt like that while watching music bizarrely. At the Main Stage, we chilled near the Sound Desk for most of the acts we saw and the crowd seemed like a good mix of ages. Nobody off their face or dressed like they were about to go on Junior Love Island. I don’t think I saw many of these types at the King or Queen Tuts stages all day either. I suspect they all pushed into the front circle or spent the day at the Smirnoff Stage. Sigrid was a proper highlight. The clouds had properly cleared for the first time in the day as she started her set and it was just 45mins of pure pop in the sun. The crowd were well up for it too and the 1-2 punch of Strangers and Don’t Feel Like Crying were proper singalong moments. The crowd for Bastille were an interesting bunch. One lad randomly walked up to me a few songs in as he saw we were singing along and went “Here, I hate Bastille. I’m only here for Catfish so I’m gonna stand here and boo them so you’re gonna hate them too”. He stayed true to his word and booed loudly throughout the entirety of the next 2 songs before he got bored and moved down the crowd a bit to try the same act on someone else. A bit weird given the crowd seemed really into it where we were. Another few lads nearby just chanted the “eh eh oh eh oh” bit from Pompeii repeatedly in between every song, thinking they were the funniest folk on the planet. They were a definite highlight of the day for us, despite the booing and hilarity. I don’t know if it was just me but I felt the crowd was noticeably quieter during Catfish & the Bottlemen. We practically walked straight to the sound desk as they were coming on stage and I even managed to get to the urinals, water point, bar and back in the space of 1 song. I suspect that a lot of the young scene who’d hit it too early before arriving left following Bastille (who we struggled to even get to the Sound Desk for!). I had a great day in the sun with my mates. Think we saw about 10 bands in all across the day without a dud in there. Can’t ask for much more in the sun in Glasgow! Yes, the festival clearly has problems and needs to do something about the underage drinking problem but I struggle to see what they can do. Is an age limit the answer? Possibly, but it’s likely to impact ticket sales. Stricter stewarding on people turning up under the influence? Probably needed, but where do you draw the line? It’s a really tricky one but I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle it.
  13. Think I’m going a bit out there with this prediction but I think it’s entirely realistic based off who will be probably touring this time next year. I also suspect a real focus on getting more female acts on the lineup next year (hence why I’m predicting full day of female acts on the Saturday) Liam Gallagher / The Libertines / Wolf Alice / Pale Waves / Sam Fender Dua Lipa / Billie Eilish / Ellie Goulding / Halsey / King Princess My Chemical Romance / Vampire Weekend / slowthai / Bloc Party / Yonaka
  14. To be fair, I was one of the people bemoaning the weak lineup when it was first announced but found myself booking a ticket for Saturday because of the decent undercard, good weather forecast and festival envy after watching Glastonbury coverage. I imagine Stormzy’s Glastonbury set will have massively boosted the Friday while the Capaldi effect obviously led to a Sunday sell out. The fact that Saturday is currently the poorest selling day (given it is historically the quickest to sell) speaks volumes about Catfish’s headlining credentials.
  15. I’m hoping PCL drop the Electric Fields name and still put on some sort of event at SWG3 that weekend. A dance based day with Friendly Fires, Free Love and HYYTS could sell quite well.
  16. Hearing rumours this has been cancelled.
  17. You usually have to buy a lanyard on the day to find out.
  18. I’ve just listed 2 tickets for sale for the Sunday on Ticketmaster. Not sure how their resale system works with an event like this but they should be on there now if anyone wants to buy. EDIT: It appears went in a matter of seconds...
  19. I’m pretty sure Ariana Grande is playing the Sunday but they’ve been told they can’t announce until the last minute. You probably won’t get many more Main Stage or Where It Begins Stage artists announced but there’s still the Introducing Stage to be announced.
  20. I thought I had a pair of Saturday and pair of Sunday tickets but just checked my confirmation emails and it appears I have 2 pairs for Sunday? I definitely clicked the Saturday link once and Sunday link once so not sure what’s happened there. Now I just need to find somewhere to stay which isn’t going to cost a small fortune...
  21. I believe that’s Comic Relief related.
  22. It was on 2-for-1 and didn’t sell out. Kendrick might have sold less (also worth bearing in mind his show was on a Wednesday rather than Saturday) but it shows that they’re not really paying attention to past bookings and success.
  23. They booked Catfish after how poorly their Summer Sessions gig sold.
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