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  1. Probably something to do with insurance not covering local lockdowns or backing out. If that is the case and one site fell into an area under local lockdown they would’ve had to refund thousands of tickets for that one location, probably bankrupting the whole organisation.
  2. Obviously not going ahead at SWG3 as they have turned the Galvanisers area into a beer garden. I have heard rumours at DF trying open air socially distanced gigs this summer but doubt they will be viable with this lineup.
  3. I think Wireless will start going down the route of getting “legendary” hip hop stars to headline the festival to buck the cycle of the same few acts. Missy Elliott, Public Enemy, TLC etc.
  4. You’re right but it might also be the opposite. Are Lewis Capaldi and Sam Fender still going to be as popular two years on from the release of their debut albums? What if a lot of the ‘new’ acts don’t take off and they’re stuck with an artist who’s album underperformed a year ago in a Main Stage slot? Nobody was asking them to rush release a lineup. They could’ve waited until later in the year to understand a bit about what popular music might look like in 2021 before announcing a full lineup.
  5. I honesty don’t get why they have replicated the entire lineup. All of the ‘new bands’ booked for lower stages aren’t going to be new bands in July 2021. What about bands who breakthrough in the next year? Are they going to be denied festival slots next summer? Lewis Capaldi’s debut album will be more than TWO YEARS OLD by the time the 2021 Festival rolls around.
  6. I wonder if The 1975 are lined up for this. An announcement on Monday would tie in with them playing The Hydro on Sunday night. I would’ve previously said they were too big for a venue of this size but given they’ve played Glasgow 3 times in the last year and still have standing tickets available for their arena show on Sunday, it might be an ideal size for a sell out.
  7. Only having 4 female acts on the Main Stage over the weekend isn’t a good look.
  8. I wouldn’t be so sure, they’ve never returned to a past venue before and they did Camperdown Park a few years back.
  9. I almost didn’t use the Rita Ora example because I thought someone would bring this up but given the post in question challenged that people were going to the festival for other non-headline acts (Foals, Ian Brown) who are yet to sell out their day, the comparison stands. Even if you were wanting to stick solely to guitar bands, there are plenty available who could’ve been included on the initial lineup. It’s a huge oversight from DF to not have included more given they’ve had similar reaction to lineup announcements previously when they included more women than what they announced this y
  10. You mean the same festival which saw Sigrid pack out the Main Stage last year (on the same day headlined by Catfish & the Bottlemen) and has Rita Ora as one of just 3 acts announced on the sole day which has sold out. One of the things TRNSMT (and T before) always prided itself on was having a varied lineup. Pop, R&B and hip hop have always had a place at TRNSMT, it’s never been just an exclusively guitar band lineup.
  11. Alphabeat Be Charlotte Billie Eilish Bossy Love Carly Rae Jepsen Caroline Polachek Charli XCX Confidence Man Dua Lipa Ellie Goulding Free Love Georgia Kate Nash Ke$ha Little Mix Lizzo Robyn Shura Solange Sugababes Superorganism Taylor Swift Texas Tove Lo Zara Larsson Just some of the female acts/acts with females in Geoff Ellis could’ve booked who are doing the rounds next Summer. I hope at least some of these are included in the next announcement to balance thin
  12. Billie Eilish has just announced a European arena tour with no Scottish date and the Sat/Sun of TRNSMT free...
  13. I think if DF are going to book Taylor, they’ll give her a separate show using the TRNSMT setup, similar to what Bruno Mars has a few years ago.
  14. I can’t get over the same people on this thread week after week craving for bands who would never play this festival in a million years while moaning about bands who realistically could. If the last few years of lineups haven’t been for you, maybe try another Festival than pinning your hopes on TRNSMT catering for just you?
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