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  1. sinc72

    Line up now finished?

    I really hope they've got something waiting in the wings that will really surprise us but I'm kinda resigned to what we have. There is still some pretty decent stuff in the line up, just feel they've missed out/ignored a lot of good bands who are doing the circuit
  2. sinc72

    Line up now finished?

    Are we expecting any surprise additions? I imagine there'll be more for Thursday but I wonder if all the calling out headliners have been announced.
  3. sinc72

    Primal Scream

    A really bad joke perhaps by kendal. Just a further boot in the balls
  4. I just don't get this really. There are a number of artists, some of which I highlighted previously, doing the circuit that in effect are playing smaller festivals. Kendal for some reason have ignored them and as much as I like them bands like, ocs, shed seven, James are far too high up the bill for bands who's last big hits were 15 years ago.
  5. What a pile of shite. Kendal calling has a worse line up than greenman, y not, electric fields and festival number 6. Really disappointing
  6. Thank god for that. I would have probably sold my ticket!
  7. sinc72

    Lesser known band suggestions

    Saw them in Manchester last night. They were amazing. A lot more dancy than I thought they would be
  8. Well that is disappointing. There is absolutely no excuse for Kendal not to have some of these
  9. Any from the following? Leftfield Brian Jonestown Massacre Black Angels BRMC Ghostpoet Teenage Fanclub Fat White Family Peace Ride The Horrors The Coral Primal Scream
  10. Fair enough. How many artists are we looking at? Considering what Kendal's rivals have I'm expecting big things!
  11. How do you know this?
  12. sinc72

    Primal Scream

    Just had a proper look at these other festivals. Kendal Calling is bigger than all of them so I would expect Kendal to have the best line up. I would say 3-4 of the following would really flesh out Kendal. Leftfield Brian Jonestown Massacre Black Angels BRMC Ghostpoet Teenage Fanclub Fat White Family Peace Ride The Horrors The Coral Actually the more I look at it I should have gone to Electric Fields!!
  13. sinc72

    Primal Scream

    There a lot of good things on the line up I just feel it is missing 3-4 artists of that level. Certainly when you compare it to say greenman, y not, electric fields.
  14. sinc72

    Primal Scream

    Yeah it's a pretty rubbish joke if it is! I can see primal scream playing the Thursday night. I'm hoping for some big things in the next announcement!