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  1. I was working there and was told that the capacity was 30,000 this year. Whist also corresponds with a video Cumbria Police did about their operation there - they said an increase this year to 30,000
  2. Yes for workers - we arrived yesterday and a lot of people have arrived today.
  3. They were definitely out on force this afternoon - saw at least 2 groups of people with them for quite a long time .... they all had heads down and looked quite sheepish - definitely caught with something
  4. So arrived on site today - little bit rainy at first but has been dry all afternoon. Grounds good.
  5. Sorry - been a bit crap at the pic taking. Muddy bits have got much Muddier today but where nobody has been seems to be ok
  6. Have been for a wonder round site tonight - churned up and muddy where vehicles have been but camping bits appear ok ATM. Though it is raining again and has been since about 7pm.
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