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  1. I also thought they were just called Indian Food but last year notice the also had Taste of Indian on the sign website here http://www.tasteofindiacatering.co.uk/ better pictures here including BT ones https://www.whambamtikka.com/festivals .....Im ready now
  2. airds

    Album of the year?

    The very excellent The Wind-Up Birds - Poor Music listen here http://thewind-upbirds.bandcamp.com/album/poor-music Wonderful dark lyrics with sometimes very catchy choruses busy ? try Mate Crime or Addis Abada or the wonderful lyrics of A Song or Two
  3. We got 4 of them about 3 years ago, 3 are still going strong and Im 16+ stone, you just have to check the screws are still in before use (thats how one of them broke)
  4. I know its not the best picture but it always makes me nostalgic
  5. This is one of my favourite pictures, taken in 2007, on the friday before it really started to rain lads, having fun yet ?
  6. yeah look at the length of them she can even reach the top of her socks without bending down
  7. erm...Im in that picture The girl in the black hat in the middle is my wife, im the one next to her with the bag over my shoulder, and the tall yeti like bloke is my eldest son (my youngest must be too small to see) well that surprised me
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