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  1. Another 9am goes past with no announcement, why do they torture us like this.
  2. Talk about being tone deaf.
  3. I know, supposed to be one of the best parts of going to a festival and they've completely robbed us of it this year.
  4. Whether it's sold out or not it's still a much better line-up than SBSR. I wouldn't get out of bed for SBSR nevermind fly to another country
  5. Had a look at the Super Bock lineup. As annoying as Nos have been for announcements it still pisses all over what Super Bock have. Cure Weezer Primal Scream and Chems are some of the best gigs I've ever been to. Having them all on one weekend is incredible.
  6. I know but a boy can dream. Especially as it's ten years since I first saw them incidentally at Nos.
  7. If they announce Metallica I will forgive their poor PR.
  8. They have seem my message and not replied.
  9. Just sent them this on Facebook 'The lack of band announcements or a headliner two months before the festival is really aggravating your paying customers and I dread to think what day ticket sales are like for the Friday. But the worst part is the total lack of communication from your PR team to assure people that announcements are on the way. Drip feeding us one band every few weeks is just annoying everyone. Think hard about how you communicate with customers in the future' Looking forward to the 'stay tuned' reply ?
  10. Happy Easter to all my fellow Nos sufferers.
  11. I sent a message to them on Facebook recently saying they dont have a friday headliner and they just replied with this Hi Wayne, Thanks for your contact, Keep tuned to our social media to know all the news Don't bloody wink at me ya cretins ?
  12. Don't worry yourself too much. I've been three times and always have an amazing time, even in 2017 when there was only one band I was excited about. Great atmosphere, easy to navigate between stages and much cheaper than most festivals.
  13. Just listened to it. Definite summer vibes from this album. Very enjoyable
  14. Yeah I don't know why I even bother checking the forum every day anymore. Festival is in less than 3 months and still no Friday headliner. Communication from the festival has been terrible.
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