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  1. There are much worse things in life you could be obsessed about than music. I get the most pleasure in life from live music, I watched Duran Duran last night, got Primal Scream, Prodigy and Richard Ashcroft in next ten days which will be my 600th gig.
  2. Bunch coming up this month, Love, Duran Duran, Primal Scream, Prodigy and Richard Ashcroft.
  3. moz4pm


    Punk injured and reliquishes the title. Welp. Put it on Mox for now until Punk comes back.
  4. For me the lineup just gets worse and worse every year. Went every year from 04-12 and always hoped it would be a good festival on my doorstep that I could always go to but I could never bring myself to spend money on this trash they now churn out on an annual basis.
  5. I wonder what the conspiracy theorists will attach themselves to now that its effectively come to an end in the UK and we live restriction free.
  6. I'm on day 8 and still testing positive so I'm stuck doing the full ten days as I expect most will.
  7. Yeah last thing we need is USA/Russia/China getting into it. So annoying how the actions of a few power hungry heads of state can have such far reaching consequences for rest of us. How hard is it to all get along.
  8. I feel so proud to have finally been part of a record of some kind.
  9. Just had my PCR test result which confirmed what I already knew. While its certainly unpleasant I'm glad I managed to avoid it for 21 months and after I'd been vaccinated, the virus going round at the moment doesn't seem to be as sinister as the original.
  10. Just done a LTF and tested positive... as I expect most of the country will in the next few days.
  11. I think most people were willing to accept that for the initial vaccinations but if they try bringing it in for further boosters the public would reject it, all it does is throw fuel on the fire for people who believe its a conspiracy. It would be political suicide.
  12. I had my booster on Monday and they're already starting to talk about 4th 5th and 6th jabs on news. For me personally 3 is my limit, I've stuck to all the rules and regulations for the most part throughout this whole thing but I'm a healthy 36 year old with 3 jabs already, at some point you have to draw a line and get on with it.
  13. Really hoping for Metallica. Did Leeds every year from 04-12 but its moved really far away from my tastes now and I'll only return for the likes of Metallica/Rage.
  14. I can't see it going ahead at this point if dates get pushed back 4 weeks that only leaves 2 weeks to the festival with no guarantee the date doesn't get pushed back again.
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