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  1. Happy Easter to all my fellow Nos sufferers.
  2. I sent a message to them on Facebook recently saying they dont have a friday headliner and they just replied with this Hi Wayne, Thanks for your contact, Keep tuned to our social media to know all the news Don't bloody wink at me ya cretins 😂
  3. Don't worry yourself too much. I've been three times and always have an amazing time, even in 2017 when there was only one band I was excited about. Great atmosphere, easy to navigate between stages and much cheaper than most festivals.
  4. Just listened to it. Definite summer vibes from this album. Very enjoyable
  5. Yeah I don't know why I even bother checking the forum every day anymore. Festival is in less than 3 months and still no Friday headliner. Communication from the festival has been terrible.
  6. I've had a listen to them this week after seeing a few posts on here raving about them and I like what I hear. I'll definitely be watching.
  7. To be honest I won't even care whats on mainstage at that point on Saturday, it's the third day, I'll be getting pissed with my mates waiting for SP and Chems.
  8. Ok Nos all is forgiven. Primal Scream Weezer and Cure is a dream for me.
  9. Yeah they're one of the few bands that have eluded me over the years. Stars never seem to align.
  10. Sadly Belle and Sebastian are playing America dates during Nos weekend.
  11. Guys I have a good feeling that today... we will get no announcements
  12. I bought my ticket week they went on sale as I've been stung with them selling out in the past, flight was booked last month, so I'm going regardless but one of the most fun parts of a festival is the anticipation and build up and theher doing a really poor job of that. Friday day ticket sales must be awful at the moment.
  13. No ha, I know who you mean though, think he's called Christian isn't he. It was funny the first time I saw it.
  14. Somethings definitely not right with the festival. Three months since a major announcement. Half the main stage lineup and a headliner still missing less than 4 months out from the festival and stone wall silence from the social media team for weeks about announcements. It's turning into Fyre festival.
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