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  1. Is this what the world has come to?
  2. That's me out. Been 4 times but time to try something new. Can anyone recommend any other European festivals. Been to mad cool and o'pener before. Both terrible festivals
  3. Billy Eilish would just push me further away. I don't understand the hype surrounding her.
  4. Very disappointing. Last year we booked off the back of The Cure alone, then we had the shambles of the lineup announcements taking forever. This year gonna wait and see what lineups are around before booking anything.
  5. So excited for idles tonight
  6. Staying in a nice airbnb apartment but no swimming pool. Is anyone aware of any outdoor pools open to the public for a small fee?
  7. moz4pm

    The Cure

    Me too. Might not be as high energy as the other headliners but that's just not what the Cure is about, whole different kind of show. Awesome stuff
  8. The Cure are outstanding. Set just flies by
  9. It is yeah but I expect it to be on YouTube within a few days.
  10. Yeah it's on bbciplayer I watched the whole set on tv.
  11. moz4pm


    Amazing set watching on TV at home. I'll see them in Lisbon in two weeks
  12. Idles absolutely smashing it at glastonbury
  13. Confirmed for mainstage on 12th... Robin.... not to be mistaken with Robyn
  14. I'm at work so can't check out any video right now, what are they like as a band? One of my friends said they sound like early Metallica, I'll be more than happy if that's the case.
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