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  1. Exactly I trust the medical boards approval on this, I said to them so you read every ingredient on stuff you use and Google each? It's ridiculous as most chemicals in large doses can be very dangerous but in microscopic amounts they are perfectly safe.. But you have a conspiracy nutter googling a chemical and it will be like it causes cancer!!
  2. Tbh conversation with parents was awful, my dad in particular has really went down the conspiracy rabbit hole... really upset me if being honest as they won't listen to anything! It's their choice on whether to take the vaccine and not trying to change that, but they are coming out with such bollocks and bullshit that's doing the rounds on social media... it's hard to ignore and they keep trying to assure me they have investigated this stuff properly errrrgghh 😞
  3. Had conversation with the folks last night who are adamant they are not taking the jab if offer (They are 65 and 67 both had covid last March and Mam still suffering lack of smell/taste) They will listen to nothing But one if the things they brought up was we didn't know what's in the vaccine and why don't they list the ingredients like on other drugs So @Toilet Duck do you know what's in It? Probably won't change their mind but if info out there least I can share it with them
  4. Also there is not going to be any Glastonbury until next year so it's going to be randomness for at least another 6-8 months until it looks like festivals are happening unfortunately 😞
  5. Yeah I get that but I sort of remember when this was brought up before if you put it in the discussion section is probably won't get anywhere near the traffic tbh So best here as that helps traffic which helps the site (I believe)
  6. Tbf is more a general thread than a Glastonbury one and agree with your points as well.. I think this last year has really got to people and whilst vaccine hope is promising the endless doom cycle on the media and everywhere is taking the shine off this shit ending Tempers are fraying even for the most patient fokes On a plus side my boss mid 60s and team colleague mid 50s (both shielders) have had their jabs in the last few days so that's great news 🙂
  7. To be honest for me it's the arguments and trying to prove a point that said person Is "right" that pisses me off Example I posted video about poor bastards in Brazil suffering but someone wanted to educate me on that actually Brazil wasn't that bad per capital as "only" 250k people had died - unnecessary prove a point score when all I was doing was look at these poor bastards I fine this far worse and tbh I like Stevie posts as it's a piss take parody of some if the shite people are posting on here .... which is getting worse imo of course
  8. Oh come on half the of the posts on here are bollocks especially of late.. hardly think the one you pulled up was the worst by a long shot
  9. That's not what I said though, in the UK we probably will lift restrictions sooner rather than later but the issue internationally is that covid will be still running riot especially in poorer countries. Therefore, swanning around the world on holidays or even business might not be as restriction free we would like it to be and also we could be causing risk to people who have not been vaccinated by adding different variants in the mix.... I'm not saying anything different to what the scientific and medical communities are worried about tbh
  10. The place I work for who is a high street retailer has been doing weekly lateral flow testing weekly since before Christmas at both their DC sites.. HQ also covered but most folks WFH so main drive is for the DC staff. In fact other companies have been visiting us to model our covid measures.. they can't stop it spreading completely but I do feel they are really trying everything they can to keep the staff safe tbh
  11. I know it's not going to happen as people just care about themselves as a general rule, I'm alright Jack as become worse in this country tbh Point I'm making is we can make our island secure but whilst the whole world is still in chaos we are not out if danger from this virus. Plus if we start swaning around the world cos we can, we unintentionally could be causing danger to others by potentially creating vaccine resistant strains... we have to look at the bigger picture here rather than exceptionalism But as you say it won't happen and that's going to a potentially be a big issue which i believe is the international medical communities concern
  12. So you watched the video I posted showing pure desperation and death in the Brazil capital and this is your response?? Jesus we've really become a bit hardened by this pandemic that we losing our sense of empathy 😞
  13. The point being wet led pubs make their money from booze sales, it's in no way having a pop and folk that don't drink booze ... putting this ridiculous plan in place would be final nail in coffin for wet led pubs 😞
  14. This is so sad what's happening in Brazil, the poor fuckers 😞 https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2021/feb/04/people-are-dying-at-hospital-doors-the-brazilian-volunteer-delivering-oxygen-to-manaus-video
  15. Also, this talk of opening pubs without booze is just crazy talk for wet led pubs!! as who the fuck goes to the pub for just a coke? This is just an excuse to remove support isn't it? as if the are able to open then can't get support 😞
  16. Okay so whilst it's great to see our vaccine rollout is doing really well, this is not going to be the magic bullet to normality. Even if everyone in the UK was vaccinated next week, Covid is still running riot across the world and until globally enough people have been vaccinated (especially in those poorer countries) we are not going back to normal soon. If we all stayed in the UK and stopped people coming in (proper lockdown the borders) we might be able to fully go back to normal, but as we want to travel places and keep UK open for business we will continue to have the risk of spreading Covid. So even if you have been vaccinated and then travel to Goa or some place that has bog all vaccination program, you risk you spreading it to people there and it increases the risk of mutations between a vaccinated person and a non vaccinated person. Plus every person that catches covid is another chance for the virus to mutate, which is the biggest global issue at the moment 😞 I really do hope we start a slow lift of restrictions from April/Mat time but it does need to be made clear that whilst being vaccinated helps you it's not going to help the global effort yet until more people in other countries are vaccinated, so we still need to exercise caution and don't go along the I'm alright jack stance that seems to be very popular in this country 😞 I'll also add I know not everyone needs to be vaccinated in the UK for the vaccination protection to work, I'm talking about the rest of the world needing the same protection for us to go back to the normal life we used to have.. this is not going to happen for awhile yet IMO
  17. He's told old for ICU his body would not survive that Tbh I'm sorry if they are letting the family be with him then they obviously think he's towards end of life 😞
  18. Sadly I think he's not going to make it if they are letting the family be with him 😞 Edit some bloody awful comments under it about one rule for him getting to see family, but that usually means end of life and not exclusive to Tom... As regards to his holiday he's 100 years old cause he's gonna snap up the free holiday even if it does cost him!
  19. Thing is most places are making sure these extra doses are being used, it's been widely reported tbh so whilst I can't say it isn't happening in this case I don't think its a wide spread that they are throwing anything away - they are ringing around to get them used up
  20. I'm looking forward to the day I can go to a gig or a festival without measures, it might be awhile but we'll get there eventually. Least festival money helps pay for car insurance as being on 80% all the time does bugger up the cash flow (and before anyone says anything yes I know others have it worse but only talking about my own struggles 😞)
  21. I've unfortunately handed my tickets back in as not confident about attending a mass event in Sept, if things change over the summer then might rebook but personally don't see me at a festival until 2022 now 😞
  22. Last gig 7th March The Sister of Mercy, fella said he'd never seen so many blokes was their hands apparently even queuing for soap! seems like forever a go 😞
  23. I know what you mean, personally I was looking in horror as it spread across the territories in China given the mass movement of people during CNY.. then we had Italy/Spain yet folks at work didn't really discuss it much until March. We had our annual conference in Liverpool late Feb (which had me a bit worried) and remember having a chat with one of the DC guys on the way back and telling him Covid is already here and spreading but let's hope our health care system could cope. Even though I could see the storm coming and probably following a lot more than my colleagues, I still would not have anticipated such a fall out!! Personally I'm struggling to see the end point as it won't just some at all of us being vaccinated and out of lockdown, until the rest of the world catches up - which outside this forum in general joe public land people really don't fully appreciate or even worse, care 😞
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