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  1. We had teams meeting today and sound keep cutting out and others couldn't see share screen as on phone rather than laptop... so big boss is like right we need a face to face for 4 hours next week to thrash out - god knows why 4 hrs I said I wasn't comfortable but it was you'll be fine as office quiet, we'll wear masks etc. basically you could not say no 😞 I suppose I've got to dip toe in eventually but I just wasn't mentally ready for it now that's all the other throw away comment was well I didn't want to hear you don't want to come in just cos you like WFH mmmmh so that's interesting on what his take is on WFH v being in office, I've said before they are very bum on seat mentality and I'm not sure that stance will actually change
  2. Found out today I've got to go into the office next week for a 4 hour meeting with 3 other people, this is not filling me with joy as not been to the office since 20th March 2020 😞 I'm not even sure how I'm going to cope with this tbh as I'm so used to controlling my environment and now I'm going to have all these variables to deal with eerrrghhh Yes I know everyone else is in these situations but I didn't expect to be having to do this until at least June "sigh"
  3. Got the fella (late 40's) booked in for 1st jab on Friday, had to change the location for the 2nd jab as nothing available at Manchester main jab centre but that's fine as still not far tbh Very relieved and a closer step to normality 🙂
  4. does anyone know that if you can't book 2nd jab on NHS site does that been it won't confirm appointment for 1st jab? As booked 1st jab for fella for Friday but then when went to book 2nd jab at same site it states there is no availability - what I don't want is him to be classed as no show, it's very confusing tbh I've just pressed cancel and start again so hopefully it won't allocate the slot 😞
  5. If you read the article her Mam said she struggled with the gyms closes as worried if she ate she wouldn't be able to go to the gym.... plus struggled with the isolation This is so sad and so young too 😞
  6. I think it's a bit too soon for that sort of thing tbh 😞 I also see Piers Morgan is trending as people are wondering how long it will take him to blame Megan (plus Fox news already showing snippets of Piers comments about saying Philip is in hospital and they are doing interviews like this? sound like ball already rolling)
  7. This one is straight at it even though body still probably bloody warm and she seriously doesn't see how this is disrespectful.... It's not the actual funeral itself that will be the issue, it will be people wanting to gather wherever to offer their respects to a rather mayor royal family member that's been around forever.... doesn't matter what rules are in place, nothing will stop any gatherings, laying of flowers etc. for this She's just trying to be a smart arse (and as someone has said how long until the media blame Megan/Harry for killing him off... it will be suggested for sure 😞 )
  8. Well I handed my tickets back in when they moved to September as just wasn't sure and needed the money for other stuff. I have to say with those headliners now confirmed (I did buy tickets based on Flaming Lips alone) so happy they are back in the mix, so think when tickets are back on sale in September I shall be purchasing again as do like this festival 🙂
  9. When in Feb? As I got my 1st Pfizer dose end of Feb and they were dishing them out well in the jab centre I went to...
  10. When it used to be the Transmission gigs they were 1 day events, but no Bluedot has been a camping festival since it's 1st year Used to be 3 days and now extra day on the Thursday (at extra cost) I've been to everyone and love it as very local to me, plus the size is less a pain on your feet than say Glastonbury... think the whole thing including camping could fit in dairy ground!
  11. Seriously you didn't know Bluedot has camping?? of course it does, it's a 3-4 day festival 🙂
  12. Personally I'm a bit relieved its moved, as just didn't think it would be same running this year with a global pandemic going on (even if UK are mostly jabbed up by then).. just getting used to crowds like this and camping again a month after the final rules are due to be lifted in UK was personally going to be a bit much for me and the fella.... I do hope the headliners remain as solid 3 for me (and 2 of them were who I asked for on the yearly questionnaire they send out) and I will be keeping my tickets for this one 🙂
  13. Bluedot has moved to 2022 Please find further information below which includes a statement from the organiser and information regarding your tickets: Original Dates: 22nd - 25th July 2021 Rescheduled Dates: 21st - 24th July 2022 Statement from Bluedot: Bluedot has made the difficult decision to make 21 - 24 July 2022 our next weekend at our home of Jodrell Bank Observatory. This means that our currently planned 2021 dates will not be taking place. The challenges of putting an event on at this time led us to ask for your feedback recently, and your suggestions and preferences are a large factor in our decision – you are as much part of bluedot as the artists, speakers and performers. The responses to our survey suggested clearly that compromises in your weekend such as changing the layout or line-up or moving to a new weekend would have been disappointing and unacceptable. We explored these changes to give us the best possible chance to return. Following your feedback, it became clear that keeping the same festival on the same weekend would have been the only option that meets the expectations we and you and our partners all share for the festival. However, due to a lack of government support around insurance for events such as ours, the risks are too great. Despite continuous calls from our industry over the past six months the Government have refused to step up and provide us with protection via a Government-backed insurance scheme. Without such a scheme, which would have provided us with security, the overwhelming risk and high upfront costs for us to hold bluedot this year are sadly just too high. As a small independent festival bluedot is left with a simple choice – make unacceptable changes to the weekend & risk the future of the festival or look ahead to 2022 and start the planning now for our greatest event yet. But do not worry. In the coming months we will be sharing plans as we reimagine bluedot’s return in 2022, exploring the hundreds of reasons you have joined us since we first set foot beneath the telescope in 2016 and curating a series of very special events exploring our universe deeper than ever before. Rest assured this doesn't mean we are on hold; with the certainty of moving the next edition to 2022 we are able to kick-start the planning now and put more time and passion than ever before into delivering an out of this world event. We’ll be sharing those plans with you in the coming weeks & months as we look forward to our return to Jodrell Bank. We are already planning some extraordinary collaborations and unique performances that will showcase the bluedot which so many of you have fallen in love with, and we hope you will continue to support this and join us in 2022 by holding on to your tickets. If you would like to request a refund, your ticket outlet will be in touch with details of how to do this shortly. We’d like to wish other events which will be going ahead our huge positivity in their plans for the coming months, and we of course thank our home of Jodrell Bank and University of Manchester for their support of bluedot, the NHS and key workers whose tireless work brings us closer to normality each day and of course you for your unwavering and continued support through the last year, and into the future. The bluedot team What happens to my tickets? Your tickets will automatically be transferred to the rescheduled date. You do not need to take any further action. I am unable to attend the rescheduled date, what should I do? You can apply for a face value refund by clicking the link below. This does not include booking fees. Time restrictions apply and you must apply by Tuesday 13th April 2021. Any applications after this date will not be accepted. Please note, if you select to refund your tickets, this may take up to 90 days to process. In response to the government restrictions to tackle COVID-19, we have had an unprecedented number of events being postponed, rescheduled or cancelled, and this is a huge task. This has also been exacerbated by our teams now working remotely, with reduced staffing and has resulted in longer processing times. Please do not contact your credit card company. By doing this, it will slow the process down and place an additional burden on our team to respond.
  14. I can only see the need for them for international travel whilst other countries are still working on their vaccine program... for the UK once we have majority jabbed up as per current timeline I'm not seeing the point especially if only being use for certain things but not others.. For example you need passport to go and see the footy but not in the crowded train to get there or the pub you visit afterwards to celebrate/commiserate - it just seems a waste of time but I'm sure some Tory donors are going to make stacks of cash on yet another useless app 😞 This whole thing just sounds like noise to distract from something else and probably go out in a whimper not to be used once someone else has made loads of money from it IMO
  15. and this is how people discredit everything said, just cos one thing was incorrect doesn't mean it all of it was... but this will sure fire be the way the media will roll with it 😞
  16. Just using the NHS link people keep posting on here I'm trying to reassured him but as it's coming up with tomorrow I don't think he's quite accepted it
  17. I didnt have any questions on whether a care worker just name, DOB, postcode and whether had flu jab It then let me put postcode in and I could select nearest centre Date given is tomorrow but didn't select further than this as fella felt he shouldn't He's nearly 49 so I wonder with his age and postcode they let him... I just don't know tbh
  18. Fella feels like he's jumping the queue so he's going to wait until it states 40-49 on website or get an invite from GP Given he's not left the house in a year and has high anxiety, I want him to get jab as soon as but has to be his call at end if day
  19. didn't have his NHS number just his other details but yeah lets him select a date 🙂
  20. Does anyone know if you can select a date for a jab on the NHS website does that mean it's okay and you won't be turned away for not meeting all the criteria? Just put fella's details in as nearly 49 for Manchester main vaccine centre and it's giving me tomorrow, but we're not sure whether to go ahead with it if we shouldn't be booking... Also, anyone know if whether its the Oxford or the Pfizer one being dished out at that site?
  21. I wish they would give us an update or something, especially given Kendal (a week later by same team) has been announced and sold out... even if they just advise when they are going to give us the next update Personally I'd rather it was pushed back but it will be interesting to see what happens tbh
  22. No I've bought tickets for Manchester date 🙂
  23. With Kendall calling going ahead, what's everyone's thoughts on Bluedot going ahead being it's the week before?
  24. Also, on another note actually bought gig tickets for Metronomy for next year... so a sign this shit might be ending 😁 Errr WTF am I getting a downvote for this comment - jeez 🙄
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