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  1. I work in the same industry and my experience with offshoring is pretty much identical.
  2. This is interesting and I suspect history will repeat itself: "The historical pattern is clear. Ambitious Labour candidates pitch to the left to win the support of socialist members before tacking to the right once their dependence on these members ceases" https://www.oxfordstudent.com/2020/04/12/starmer-wont-completely-do-away-with-corbynism/
  3. Straight after his leadership victory: "Packing the Treasury team with people whose political positions are to the right of Rishi Sunak right now seems particularly provocative," said one leftwing MP. That quote from here: https://www.ft.com/content/5b48bf77-b708-4d94-86d4-353f9abb4d32 I will vote Green and switch my party membership to The Green Party also.
  4. I am sure a lot of Corbynites will back Starmer I wont be one of them as I am a grudge bearer. Starmer is basically Blair he is already moving to the right.
  5. I am as are a lot of people on here I should think. Why are you interested?
  6. It is very interesting I read it yesterday like a lot of us on here I presume. I think front page Guardian is quite a lot of circulation it is not like The Daily Mail are going to run it and if they did their readership would poo-poo it as wishy-washy left wing shit.
  7. I couldn't agree with this more well said. I am in a very similar situation paid up member of the labour party and voted for JC the last two times now he has gone I have all be given up
  8. I have tickets for Something Else in the Dunny thanks to this thread and I had thoughtt Sunrise was my last festival this year
  9. I nearly went this year I cant remember what happened to stop me
  10. I was thinking of next year, but I may just go to both of the above this year Thanks everybody
  11. I was reading the "Similar smaller festival" thread I found some good tips for next year's festival calendar Farmers Phil's for example love the parking next to the tent and this got me thinking. My favourite festival is a very small festival called Flummoxed about 400 people very relaxed and chilled it is run by a folk band called We Happy Few so maybe similar to Beautiful Days, that said the We Happy Few have stopped headlining their own festival so they can have a few beers lol. Anyway the point is Flummoxed is taking a year off I am gutted been there 8 years on the spin every year it has been in existance in fact, so does anyone know of any similar very small festivals not really bothered about music type as long as it is friendly and not to big. Interestingly a friend of a friend was starting a new festival last year called Up//Side\\Down Festival looked awesome everything I described above unfortunately they had to cancel it hopefully that will be back next year. Thanks in advance people
  12. I have taken my eldest two daughters 13 and 12 to the previous couple of festival staying at Worthy View both times and I intend to take my twin boys both 9 to the next couple. I cant recommend Worthy View enough for this especially for the parking in the field next to your tent aspect. You don't see too many families with very young children, however this is probably due to getting a pram up and down the steep hill which would be no fun in a muddy year but still possible. You just have to email Worthy View pre festival with the names of your kids.
  13. worthyraver


    This Pizza from the pizza stall in Worth View
  14. Love to have seen this "I'll take your brain to another dimension" lol
  15. We used to go to Pennard Organic Wine religiously every Thursday at about 6pm after Shroom-afternoon Take the kids now so Shroom-afternoon is no more. Maybe more shrooms could have saved them.
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