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  1. 3 hours ago, Beerqueen said:

    I don't think it's happened before.  I was thinking the Woodland bar might be nice - that's where I was picturing it in my head.  Or the pub near the fairground?  I dunno what do others think?

    I think it has happened before and it was in The Woodland I would be up for that I am usually there anyway on the Thursday afternoon / evening.

  2. I have been to every Glastonbury since 2007 and have only ever been searched once and that was in 2013.

    It was Friday afternoon we had dropped some 2cb, it didn't seem to be working so we dropped some more then suddenly and somewhat unsurprisingly everything starts working, where is a Flaming Lips set when you need one 😉

    Anyway one of the three of us was feeling a bit feary, he wanted a toilet but a "proper" toilet like with walls where you can feel secure, so we thought it best to head back to Worthy View there and no problems on the way out of the site.  However on the way back in I was clearly away with the fairies luckily and had moved all my stash inside my special pants.  I was searched very very thoroughly on the way back in and to the letter of the law all my pockets emptied wallet taken apart etc., absolutely everything, but as mentioned above I know where they can and cant look and I was having a great time of course they were obliged to wave me back in, they were gutted lol.

    Moral of the story: "I never forget your special pants"

  3. 22 hours ago, gooner1990 said:

    On the Saturday of 2014 a mate of ours got separated from the rest of us in the late-afternoon, we tried calling him several times, just went straight to voicemail and got nothing so just assumed he'd gone back to his campervan for a rest/reload/whatever, wasn't until it until it was time for Metallica that he was supposed to be watching with us that we started to worry a little and after their headline set his girlfriend went straight back to their campervan and texted me to say he had re-appeared and all was fine.

    The following day he explained that he'd forgotten to charge his phone on the Friday night when he got back wasted, then on Saturday PM had wandered off from us to get some food, we had moved by the time he had got back and when he went to call me, suddenly realised he had no battery or his charger pack with him, so thought he would just stick it out until Metallica was done, go back to his CV and get some juice to meet us for SEC antics, but when he found his annoyed gf there just went to bed. 

    His main gripe the next day was that he tried several times during Manic Street Preachers and Pixies (whilst also looking for us) to strike up conversation with people around him, offer them a bit of his spliff etc but most people didn't seem interested or just maybe gave the odd answer and then just stuck to their group, he felt like he was looked upon as some sort of weirdo for trying to talk to strangers.  Said it put a bit of a downer on his night and would never make the mistake of getting split apart from friends again, he's been doing festivals long enough to know what he's talking about and I felt a bit bad for him that people weren't more receptive to someone just trying to have a chat.

    Perhaps he just got a few wrong groups and was a bit unlucky, but I also think that these days people are more inclined to stick with their own crowd as a result of mobile phones becoming easy to use on site now and not have to talk to people they don't know in a crowd, because its rare for people to get split up and not manage to find each other anymore.

    This saddens me yet I understand it.

    I am not shy at all and yet when found myself on own have had have bad experiences chatting to randoms, although not always.  

    What I enjoy at festivals is adopting a lost soul maybe someone maybe similar to your friend, then it is my duty to give them the really good time giving them all drink and drugs that they can handle, they usually track down their friends and leave gutting: "Why do they always leave me?"

    I have been the adopted person a few times most notably at Rockness that was an amazing Mumford and Sons gig now there is a sentence I never thought I would type.

  4. 16 hours ago, Beerqueen said:

    I went to our local festival this weekend - Farmer Phil's.  What a wonderful little festival (as always).  Loads of little known but talented bands, some larger but still talented bands, (but one crap band who I predict won't be invited back - they didn't go down well - if you want to know look at the line-up, guess and I don't think you will be wrong).  Great company and  cheapish real ale.   Dancing in the fields with a beer in hand and seeing familiar faces was wonderful.  And I am now completely knackered.  Roll on next year - I absolutely love that festival - small but beautifully formed.

    I was there for the first time over the weekend well actually from the Tuesday will defo be back next year.

    Parking next to your tent is a game changer especially as I was there with 5 kids.

    I thought Doctor and the Medics and a Ska Burst were the highlights musically, wood fired pizza's were also cool nom nom

    I would love to know the band you thought were awful, T'Paul brought the crowd down most of who seemed to leave me included a shame as they followed the great high energy set from Ska Burst as I mentioned above.

  5. 3 hours ago, DeanoL said:

    Finished this book over the weekend - highly recommended if you're interseted in an overview of what the government got wrong at various points: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Failures-State-Inside-Britains-Coronavirus/dp/0008430527/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2LDSCJ4381IMB&dchild=1&keywords=failures+of+state&qid=1623058968&sprefix=failures+of%2Caps%2C225&sr=8-1

    I just bought this from your recommendation promises to be a essential but depressing read thanks, I think 🙂

  6. 12 hours ago, mattiloy said:

    Before Labour even contemplates the possibility of winning an election the ghost of New Labour that currently haunts the party needs to be exorcised once and for all, including half the PLP. The rules need to be changed to enshrine the dominance of members over any other branch of the party in internal affairs.

    I would love to see this happen, but I don't see it too many have a vested interest in the status quo 😞

  7. 1 hour ago, Fuzzy Afro said:

    The left can’t afford to split the vote so they need to coalesce around a single unity candidate who can unite centrists and left wingers

    In a similar way had the party unified around Corbyn he likely could have formed a government in 2017

    1 hour ago, Fuzzy Afro said:

    My gut feeling is Andy Burnham is a better option than Keir Starmer, despite both being soft left Brownites. Burnham is just a better man of the people. 

    I totally agree with this although not a huge fan of Andy Burnham he might be what Labour need, good luck prising him away from Manchester though.

  8. Just now, steviewevie said:

    Must feel very worthy, but with our electoral system the split vote on the left just helps the Tories stay in power .

    Good one and before 8am 🙂

    Probably true but currently there is no way I could see myself voting for Starmer.

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  9. 12 hours ago, mattiloy said:

    His strategy was avoidance and submission regards the false antisemitism smears from that and culminating in Corbyn's sacking. And look to Israel now and see the effects of the world being too shit scared to call out apartheit for what it is. The latter also triggered a mass exodus of labour members (apparently nearly 200k have left since late 2019, not all shown up in official figures yet because the only way to cancel your labour membership is to cancel your direct debit and you only fall off their official figures after 6 months of not paying your DD and they only release the official figures once yearly in their annual report). 200k members paying upto around 60 quid a year is a lot of moolah. Also I believe Unite stopped giving them any cash after the Corbyn incident. They've had some shady strings very much attached cash from dodgy Blair era donors but he's fucked it tbh

    The quickest way to leave The Labour Party or any political party is to join another one, this is how I left The Labour Party I joined The Green Party and cancelled my direct debit.

  10. 24 minutes ago, steviewevie said:

    My partner/girlfriend/missus/her-indoors/definitelynotmywife would not have been able to go to work, she was hit pretty hard by side effects for a few days. But then she's a weak, insipid female.

    I really really hate posts like this...

    I mean who starts a sentence with the word "But"

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