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  1. This is why a camp at Worthy View at Glastonbury car parked in the next field 🙂
  2. I was there for the first time over the weekend well actually from the Tuesday will defo be back next year. Parking next to your tent is a game changer especially as I was there with 5 kids. I thought Doctor and the Medics and a Ska Burst were the highlights musically, wood fired pizza's were also cool nom nom I would love to know the band you thought were awful, T'Paul brought the crowd down most of who seemed to leave me included a shame as they followed the great high energy set from Ska Burst as I mentioned above.
  3. My family and I are going never been before :)
  4. Has anyone recently had a PCR recently if so how long did it take to get the result Thanks :)
  5. Farmer Phil's Festival is going ahead 🙂 13 - 15 August (camping from 9 August) I can see nothing from FarmFest that it is not going ahead 30 -31 July (Thursday opening for 500 on 29 July)
  6. I just bought this from your recommendation promises to be a essential but depressing read thanks, I think 🙂
  7. I am also getting worried about this I hope it goes ahead and Farmer Phil's a few weeks after I was hoping to be at both.
  8. I presume they give you your own drone to shot down any "bogie" drones detected.
  9. I would love to see this happen, but I don't see it too many have a vested interest in the status quo 😞
  10. Bringing down the system from within
  11. In a similar way had the party unified around Corbyn he likely could have formed a government in 2017 I totally agree with this although not a huge fan of Andy Burnham he might be what Labour need, good luck prising him away from Manchester though.
  12. Good one and before 8am 🙂 Probably true but currently there is no way I could see myself voting for Starmer.
  13. The quickest way to leave The Labour Party or any political party is to join another one, this is how I left The Labour Party I joined The Green Party and cancelled my direct debit.
  14. To be fair my phone signal is off the chart
  15. I got the jab yesterday I couldn't even tell you what arm it was in this morning maybe I just got the 5G shit?
  16. I really really hate posts like this... I mean who starts a sentence with the word "But"
  17. When will someone think of the hoglets?
  18. Very similar story at my kids school
  19. I cant afford it and neither can my liver
  20. worthyraver


    Don't worry everything will be fine
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