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  1. If you have to carry a bag carry one of these 🙂
  2. I am looking for some Lavish Lands camping tickets for this, I haven't bought general admission tickets yet so I could buy them all if someone couldn't attend. Thanks 🙂
  3. I have been to every Glastonbury since 2007 and have only ever been searched once and that was in 2013. It was Friday afternoon we had dropped some 2cb, it didn't seem to be working so we dropped some more then suddenly and somewhat unsurprisingly everything starts working, where is a Flaming Lips set when you need one 😉 Anyway one of the three of us was feeling a bit feary, he wanted a toilet but a "proper" toilet like with walls where you can feel secure, so we thought it best to head back to Worthy View there and no problems on the way out of the site. However on the way back in I was clearly away with the fairies luckily and had moved all my stash inside my special pants. I was searched very very thoroughly on the way back in and to the letter of the law all my pockets emptied wallet taken apart etc., absolutely everything, but as mentioned above I know where they can and cant look and I was having a great time of course they were obliged to wave me back in, they were gutted lol. Moral of the story: "I never forget your special pants"
  4. This saddens me yet I understand it. I am not shy at all and yet when found myself on own have had have bad experiences chatting to randoms, although not always. What I enjoy at festivals is adopting a lost soul maybe someone maybe similar to your friend, then it is my duty to give them the really good time giving them all drink and drugs that they can handle, they usually track down their friends and leave gutting: "Why do they always leave me?" I have been the adopted person a few times most notably at Rockness that was an amazing Mumford and Sons gig now there is a sentence I never thought I would type.
  5. This is why a camp at Worthy View at Glastonbury car parked in the next field 🙂
  6. I was there for the first time over the weekend well actually from the Tuesday will defo be back next year. Parking next to your tent is a game changer especially as I was there with 5 kids. I thought Doctor and the Medics and a Ska Burst were the highlights musically, wood fired pizza's were also cool nom nom I would love to know the band you thought were awful, T'Paul brought the crowd down most of who seemed to leave me included a shame as they followed the great high energy set from Ska Burst as I mentioned above.
  7. My family and I are going never been before :)
  8. Has anyone recently had a PCR recently if so how long did it take to get the result Thanks :)
  9. Farmer Phil's Festival is going ahead 🙂 13 - 15 August (camping from 9 August) I can see nothing from FarmFest that it is not going ahead 30 -31 July (Thursday opening for 500 on 29 July)
  10. I just bought this from your recommendation promises to be a essential but depressing read thanks, I think 🙂
  11. I am also getting worried about this I hope it goes ahead and Farmer Phil's a few weeks after I was hoping to be at both.
  12. I presume they give you your own drone to shot down any "bogie" drones detected.
  13. I would love to see this happen, but I don't see it too many have a vested interest in the status quo 😞
  14. Bringing down the system from within
  15. In a similar way had the party unified around Corbyn he likely could have formed a government in 2017 I totally agree with this although not a huge fan of Andy Burnham he might be what Labour need, good luck prising him away from Manchester though.
  16. Good one and before 8am 🙂 Probably true but currently there is no way I could see myself voting for Starmer.
  17. The quickest way to leave The Labour Party or any political party is to join another one, this is how I left The Labour Party I joined The Green Party and cancelled my direct debit.
  18. To be fair my phone signal is off the chart
  19. I got the jab yesterday I couldn't even tell you what arm it was in this morning maybe I just got the 5G shit?
  20. I really really hate posts like this... I mean who starts a sentence with the word "But"
  21. When will someone think of the hoglets?
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