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  1. Ticket Well what can i say, i have been soo annoyed at not being able to find work, and i know if i do, i wont be able to get RAR off, and if i don't i can't afford it. So its lose lose for me. If anyone wants to buy my ticket from me, they are more than welcome, how about £80 with free postage by paypal? My ticket pic is on the first page, really is a shame i can't go again this year. I will be there for 2010, and drinking as heavy as ever /index.php?s=&showtopic=111178&view=findpost&p=2508046">http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/index.p...t&p=2508046 << post with my ticket, can add one with my name on some paper if that makes you a bit more comfortable
  2. they have more than one fan?
  3. thats any van, even opel astra size! so long as its under 2.5m tall, then it goes up another amount. Its because they are classed as commercial vehicles, so they charge more. In responce to those posting e-mail addy's in here, i would replace the @ with [at] and the dot with [dot] just so your inbox does not get flooded with spam NEED WORK SOO BADLY!
  4. i doubt it now. the ferry is £20 each way for a car, and £120 each way for a van, so i was looking on getting a volvo v40 or similar
  5. I am going via holland. At this rate squig im not even sure if i am collecting dave, or if he will make his own way there. Its all abit uncertain atm, i am looking for work, and i want to arrive monday night/early am Tuesday, prehaps get the 10Pm, arriving in dunkerque at 1am tuesday morning, then flat out i will hit the ring at 05:30-06:00 Tuesday. Looking at maps the way i go is I enter .nl near Geleen, go via Heerlen, and exit near Bocholtz All of it is on A76 (E314 euro route)
  6. im thinking of doing a paypal me £20 and i will put an argos £20 popup tent in a good campsite for you so you will all stop moaning about that bloody hill!
  7. you can expect a few more i believe. The release does say something like 'so far 80 bands have confirmed'.
  8. Duff McKagan's Loaded Five And The Red One Nervecell Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Silvester The Blackout VV Brown YouMeAtSix And Ich Bin Bunt are only playing ROCK AM RING
  9. Placebo, the most bland band at the festival! You'd need to sign up for a presspass, the press section is on the RAR website.
  10. Just have a few drinks, and talk to the people around you, here is a quick formula to explain it.... Oh just a quickie too.... RAR IS SOLD OUT.
  11. Well quite a few of us are Brits on here, but the German's are usually more than willing to speak english. Its not easy finding people to camp with unless you take the same flight/train etc. I mean 2007 & 8 the people with me arrived at differant times, it took me about 2 hours to find the two guys i was camping with in 2007, and we all fell asleep waiting for a guy in 2008, he finally found us You will have problems trying to take a tent into some places tho (they fill up fast!), so if you are wanting to camp with someone who is arriving earlier, it might be an idea to try and give them your tent. Print off a map of the camp grounds, keep phone contact (MAKE SURE ROAMING IS ENABLED BEFORE YOU FLY), and you should find each other alright!
  12. I can only hope that the prodigy screwed up with their earlier statement, and are playing on the alternative stage against slipknot, or a late night special again
  13. yeah, they add more bands to that, they make a new image every time they add more!
  14. yeah, thats how a hell of a lot of people get to the ring. The shuttles are more like coaches, they have luggage compartments, but they get full quickly, so you might find quite a bit of luggage in the bus too.
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