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  1. Was the next fallow year due in 2022? Hope this cancels out that one and we get a decent run of festivals. My friends and I used to do "Brixtonbury" in our flat when we didn't get tickets. Set up stages live streaming in different rooms, drinking warm cider etc. Seems like a good year for a repeat (possibly digitally!). Wanted: Internet based Glastonbury puns.
  2. Ha thanks! Friends with better memory have narrowed it down to here...fingers crossed they are back next year. Vegan crumble also available for those interested.
  3. I think it was on this strip. Or failing that, the right turn that goes past the pharmacy. £4 or something for a big pot of rubarb or apple and custard and crumble topping...I want some now!
  4. Absolutely second this. First time I had it I was evangelical but quite worse for wear. I then went back sober and can confirm they are really quite something. Biggest revelation this year was the crumble shack. Utter genius - never seen it at a festival before, but was amazing late in the evening when it started getting chilly. It's like being hugged from the inside, out. Didn't see Strumpets' Crumpets this year which was a past favourite. Not sure what happened.
  5. Thanks both! In that case will go for the breezier 2 person options.
  6. Planning on attempting WV tickets for the first time this year. Deciding whether we want an 8 person scout or 4x 2 person scouts. Imagine the 8 person can get quite hot with all those bodies in it? Also, if we arrived at the same time, would we be able to get the 2 persons all together? Is it a first come first serve system? We arrive Weds morning by coach.
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